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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Day Eighty Four

Our days are starting later and later.  I need to determine what time is ok and what time is just too late.  We've had a stagger out of bed at 11:30 and a bright eyed and bushy tailed at 6am.  Seriously, a little tiny bit of continuity wouldn't hurt at all.

I got the Banker up today at 9:45, fed him full of fresh from the oven biscuits (so my mum could try them too!) and now he's finally starting his day.  Math day.  Math u See, next chapter and T4L math review chapter 15 so we can be finished.  I don't think we'll renew our T4L for next year, it's a little young and since I bought Math (Algebra), English, Literature and Grammar books for next year I really don't see the need.  It was a good bridge to get us through the end of this year but it doesn't really fit into our schedule for next year, I don't think. 

We have been playing and playing and playing.  I am so lost in space and feel as though I've totally lost my footing where school is concerned.  I feel as though we've fallen behind but then trying to determine behind WHAT?  We are the gage, can we fall behind ourselves?  It messes with my head. 

We have a bunch of errands this afternoon we will drag Banker to with us, he can Minecraft with his friends tonight for a bit.  I don't want him on much when mum is here but he's sort of missing it I think.  I'll cut him a few hours of slack. I think.  I'll admit, I feel terribly unsure this week, of everything.  We should have just booked the week off school and been done with it but my committee just wouldn't let that happen.

The girls are gigantic!  I can't believe these chickens grow this much, this fast.  They are all lovely people birds, well, except Alouette who is sort of a bully.  Mean ole' screamy Martini has come around and leaps on me joyfully.  YES, they are joyful! I think they miss me when I'm not hanging in the gazebo with them.  They watch me when I leave and run excitedly to me when I return.  Sure, it's the food but I'll take it...  I love chicken love! 

The Banker is working hard and I hope doesn't run into too many problems today.  The new concept is one he's been exposed to so hopefully it's an easy work day for him.  I'm trying to get done what I want to get done today, fingers crossed. 


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