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Monday, April 30, 2012

Day Eighty Three

Firstly, the coop isn't finished, it's close but it's not done enough I can put the girls in it.  Another week of them in the gazebo all day is fine, it's being squished together in that box at night that seems a bit tight.  I know they won't perish, I just wish they had more room.  

On the school, life, house, front.  Husband has left for a business trip for the week.  Life will be calmer. 

But, wow, as much fun as freedom is, it sure is a lot of work!  At least if Banker was in public school someone would be telling me what to do and keeping me on track.  I'm having a "am I allowed to make these decisions" moment.  Stupid, sure, but it still has affected my committee pretty seriously. 

We have my mother here and we're having loads of fun, I'm trying to balance school and freedom and schedules and no schedules and feel like I'm failing on all points.  Although, I also can't quite figure out why we can't just take the week off.  

Do we just not do the 'easy' stuff?  Do I have him do math and science and that's all?  Do we just do the quick and easy work? Save the hard for next week?  Is part time worse than half time?  I wonder if we should even bother to do, attempt to do, pretend to do, school at all this week?  All this is running through my head.

I'm feeling great angst about it to be honest.  

I am supposed to be sitting here working on the Banker's schedule for the week.  I look at the work he's supposed to be doing and then look at the fun we have planned.  I don't know what I want to do and not do.    Mum and I have two lunches planned this week, without Banker.  We have two evenings and 3 days planned with the Banker.  Does he work between fun? Does he work at all?

I'm stressing about whether to just take the week off or not.  I'll be honest, I feel as though I'm screwing up royally this week.  I'm going to go think about it, fret about it and wonder if I'm breaking him (sure, I still think that!)


Ok, I've made a decision.  Sort of.  English today, Math tomorrow, review both Wednesday.  Off on Thursday (his 13th! *gasp*) birthday and Off on Friday, we're San Antonio bound.  There.


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