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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Day Ninety Nine

Well, it's fitting that the closer we get to day 100, the weirder the days get.  On the heels of my "woe is me" moan, I suddenly have a day with 3 'gatherings' with 3 different friends in the same day.  Ok, it's not so very bad. 

I have a friend coming for breakfast, she's moving out of the area and as much as I will miss her, I am still trying to help.  Movers are coming today at 8, so I'm going to feed her early and visit. Saves her stopping for junk food or having to get up early in her new place across town to make it over here early enough. 

FriendC has invited Banker and I over for 10am for a coffee and a visit, maybe a treatie I think.  I was going to make something to take but I'm not, sometimes you just have to arrive and be delighted by friends.  I like spending time with FriendC, I'm lucky to have her in my life. 

FriendE is arriving with her homeschool boys in tow sometime after 1, most excellent.  I haven't spoken to FriendE in a while and I miss talking to her.  Our vacations, holidays, guests overlapped and I feel a real sense of something missing when I go too long without a visit and a long chat with her. 

That's our social day.  Now then, to fit school in between somewhere.  Banker worked strangely yesterday.  I can't say he worked hard although he did do a complete chapter in MathUSee, he's finished 12 now.  He was easily distracted and I found him reading old books when I checked to see what he was up to and why it was taking him to very long to complete everything.  He looked horrified when I "caught" him with a book.  We had to have the "you can ALWAYS take a break to read" conversation, again.  We had the "you can work at your own pace, it's your pace!" conversation.  We had the "sometimes you need to take a break and walk away or sometimes your brain isn't firing as fast, sure, grab a book, just give me a heads up you're taking some time" conversation.  Again.  Bless him but he still doesn't get that part of this adventure.  He snuck upstairs to take a sneak break.  Really? Banker?  C'mon.  Sneaky is NOT where it's at.  After our conversations, all was well and happy, he took many book breaks, some picture books??  I think his brain was tired.  

He did 'get' that any breaks would result in his academic day extending, he had a list of what I felt was an appropriate amount of work to complete and I'll give it to him, by around 6:00pm he had completed it all.

I think school will happen in snippets today and that's fine, we are winding down anyway.  Sometimes you have to go with the flow and enjoy "live" friends when the opportunity presents itself. 

Yay Wednesday. 


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