People Peeking in...

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Field trip day


It's standardized STAAR testing here in Austin today. The result of a years worth of teaching to "the" test, well, this is it.  The test that doesn't affect grades or determine whether you're promoted to the next grade.  Just testing for testing sake to see who gets the most money.  Nice.  We're just so very sad not to be part of that cluster anymore.

My FriendE, FriendJ, FriendC (I think) and all the children (plus extras) in tow are going to eat a gigantic burgers at a cool joint down south Austin then we are all heading over to the Cathedral of Junk to check the place and the dude out.  Yeah, screw standardized testing for no reason.  Our, socially retarded homeschool kids are all hanging out together doing cool stuff instead of stressing over a test that is given to determine how much they're worth, dollar value... yeah, we're wrecked to be missing that.  Shame we're ruining them  *GRIN*