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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Summer Schedule weekend 1

Ah, weekends.  School free time.  

I have started to pack up 7th grade and make room for the summer work and new 8th grade schedule.  Slowly of course, I have loads of time.

Up at 4, playing with chickens at 6, chickens in the run, remark their heads, play with them.  Give them a corncob, wow, I'm glad I'm not a piece of corn! That was like piranhas!  Give them treaties of grapes and dry oatmeal, they love it, I think they might actually like me.

Oh and on an unrelated note I don't like being belittled, I'm just saying.  I don't like being made fun of either.  I'm not a fan of sarcasm 24/7 because it's not sarcastic then, it's just mean.  I don't like my grammar or spelling commented on, checked or corrected.  Obnoxious.  I know some obnoxious people.  

In a brief moment of stress-less, coffee drinking, chicken watching, I asked husband if he liked the chickens, he said it's been too much work... for him.  ?  He said he had to build a coop,  I didn't let that one go, "I WANTED to do it and you wouldn't LET me".   He just stared ahead. I hate weekends.

I cleaned out the coop and replaced the shavings in the gigantic apartment portion.  I think we should remove the plank that comes down from the small hole in the coop floor and close the hole.  We made them a ladder from bamboo that they actually like and that'll work just fine for them to go in and out, plus they can jump from the floor to the open door of the apartment so they don't need the hole.  It's going to be too small anyway and they already have to duck to get past the floor joist.  I'd like to just go do it. 

The Banker is still off screens.  He's going to a sleepover tonight so I'll have no control over screens at FriendM's house but until he leaves, he's off them and I think the point is being driven home.  Good choices make for a happy life.  

Husband yanked the fence/netting down from the run and is replacing it with the same 1x2 inch wire garden fencing his garden is surrounded by.  He said it's so I will stop complaining.  What the hell?  I don't say word one out of sheer fear of the fallout, it's never worth saying a word.  I hate weekends

"look what's missing? look what's missing?  a way in?!" he said

I smiled.  Tossed under a bus. I smiled and said, "yep, once we got a way in it's sweet, I couldn't reach the birds over it, could I but it works fine now...?"  I came inside.

Ahhh, my committee immediately flashes back to joking with a friend about the run not having access into it, nice.  Right under a bus.  I cannot imagine what on earth conversation would prompt anyone to tell husband, "your wife asked what was missing from the run...a way in?"  Obviously it was shared because it's what I said, well, part of what I said. Way to flip out of context, I wasn't mean about it, I was joking, it was a very long conversation and those three words were a very small part of it.  Wow.  I'm rather obsessive about being sacrificed.  I'm a one time gal.  Mental note, future commentary will include, and will be limited to, smiling and nodding.  Wow. 

I hope hope hope he adds a gate or some EASY method for me to get inside the chicken run.  Even better I hope hope hope he makes some EASY connection system to the coop, carrying the birds one at a time into a run is a little bit ridiculous.  I wish I could say something that wouldn't result in the silent treatment and 3 days of muttering at me, stomping and sighing.  The fee is always too high.  Smile and nod.

He's gone to Home Depot.  $7,874.04 worth of lumber, board, wire, fence, hinges and rope in the garage but yet ...  there's a perpetual need to run to Home Depot.  My neighbor gave us a load of wood specifically for a gate on the fence and some additional lumber.  No?  I think it's a man thing, plus it has to be something enormous and intricate I'm sure, something that'll be hard to work and potentially stab me all the time.  I still can't get into or out of the coop without scratching myself.  There's 2 inches of folded exposed wire over the door edges for some reason.  

I poured a glass of wine and came inside. It's 10:30.  It's going to be a very long day.

I don't know what time Banker is going to the sleepover, FriendK said she will be in my side of town and offered to come get him, I hope she does.  I could use the giggly glass of wine friend time. 

There is a square dance tonight I no longer want to go to.  There is a barbecue cook-off that husband is going to "help" ??  a "friend" with that I no longer wish to attend.  I set myself up every single Friday night thinking THIS TIME I'm about to have 2 days of fun of family activity of working together and every single time I have to find somewhere to hide out and smile and nod.  I just want to crawl into a corner and wait for it to be Monday.  


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  1. Tracy - I am thinking about asking my husband to build this for my back yard chickens:

    I wonder if it would work in your situation?

    It sounds as if some of your readers are being obnoxious? But aren't we all obnoxious at times? I know I am. Sometimes I hate my humanness. I try hard to be nice and good but I am often impatient and rude. I later regret my actions. Chin up and try to not take it personally! Maybe you could file negative comments under a "humor" file and later laugh at them?

    For some people who need to vent, it doesn't matter who is on the receiving end, they are going to vent somewhere and they will find a place.

    It helps, even with my husband, if I take the "he did this to me" part and change it to just "he did this". It makes me less prickly about things and then it is so much easier to communicate.

    I am glad to see all the effort to de-screen your son! It is an ongoing challenge, isn't it? I look forward to hearing about further adventures with boys and balance.