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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Day One Hundred and One

We made it, we're done. Well, we're done formal daily school.  I didn't think we'd get here but we did. 

The Banker just completed his chapter 12 MathUSee test and scored 100, yay.  He has some work to make up from the week that was waylayed by parties, playing and company that he will complete this weekend. 

Monday starts summer schedule!  1/2 day of Math/week; 1/2 day grammar/language/week; daily reading; as much Khan as he wants and an online college (not for credit) computer science program (just for fun).

I have my list of 8th grade subjects and a general plan.  I have some details to finalize and have to meet with a friend who is writing his science curriculum.  I like being done. 

Husband is home today, sitting outside, smoking playing on his iPad, getting annoyed with Banker singing and humming.  I don't get it.  I'll never get it.

We are heading to the movies, we're seeing Avengers!  Then I hope to grab some netting to make a generic containment field for the Girls so that I can let them out to stretch and run in green when we get home.  

FriendK and son are supposed to venture our way this afternoon and have happy hour here. 

most excellent. 


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