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Monday, May 28, 2012

Summer Schedule Week 2

I'm going to update this spot all week long rather than bore the heck out of everyone with non home school home school summertime adventures.  I'll go back to daytime when we go back to school life.

I will say that in review of the home school adventure, I did realize it took this long for the Banker to shake school off him. The rules and regulations and structure and rigidity are so deeply ingrained in these kids from the age of 4 (preschool) that it's no wonder it's taken 100+ days to undo it.  I don't think it's all the way undone and I'm sure we'll have more challenges next year regarding home vs public school process and procedure rather than information and knowledge.

I'll share more tidbits as they come to me, in the mean time;

The lion tamer door on the chicken coop is brilliant!   I made a quickie video for my mom showing it off...  I'll do a better video but this is the one so far: 

The chickens are happy happy happy. They have all figured out how to use the door and how to get out and back in.  I love my chickens.

I love love love their run.  They have space and air and can run and leap and be happy happy chickens.

The pool is up and is being filled as I type this.

I love love love our summertime pool.  18 feet of joy filled with water that stays cool all summer long and it's in full shade so we don't need to slather ourselves up with bottles of sunscreen.  Just leap in and float.  I cannot wait for it to be filled.

I helped a friend today.  I cooked a big roast dinner because I had a hankering.  The Banker is over his sleepover.  He came home overtired and miserable yesterday, it wasn't worth it.  Today he had FriendA come by and they're giggling like lunatics upstairs.  I like this combination of children.  It warms my heart.

We have had a party weekend, FriendK and son here Saturday night then all of us out to dinner.  FriendL here Sunday and then down to friends for a play, to get Banker and I discovered one of my new favorite champagne cocktails.  Champagne and pomegranate liquor, sounds awful but it's delightful and refreshing!  We were out Sunday night for an Indian meal on the way home.  Sewing and laundry and housework and cooking today.  FriendL came by and we visited then went shopping for fabric together. It's been a whirlwind, fabulous.

I sewed.  I loved it.  I am working on "mug rugs", many are quilted but I think I prefer them just sewn together.  About 8x10 inches, they are larger than coasters, smaller than placemats and soak the dreaded water ring around everything.  I'll post a link to an album making as well as to my Etsy store which I may just reopen this week.

FriendL and FriendC are dropping by tomorrow in the morning.  I'll make biscuits and coffee and we'll chat and giggle.  The Banker can finish his math tomorrow because I'm still sort of annoyed with him about his bad choices and teenage attitude he threw my way Saturday night.

Husband worked hard on coop and mowing and pool this weekend.  It felt nice to have everyone working and playing.

I'm going to take FriendA home and come back, pop myself up in bed and stare at TV for a while, all alone.  It's going to be a long week and I need a few moments stolen away.



Friends over for baked goods, there was no drama with the painters across the street.  EXCELLENT.  Banker is spending his time scrubbing the pool that is 3/4 full so we can loosen the dirt stuck to the bottom them vacuum it.  Ahhh, work in a pool isn't REALLY work at all.

We have no plans for the rest of the day except to lay about.  I like those sorts of plans.  I may do a pay per view movie for he and I and a couple big bowls of popcorn.

I'm going to shop and cook tomorrow for the Ladies who Lunche coming on Thursday.  I think a couple different salads, a thai peanut pasta and a grilled vegetable quinoa salad will be nice and light in anticipation of the cheesecake stuffed strawberries I'm going to tempt them with.

No schoolwork today, today we play.

SEWING LESSONS!  I love giving sewing lessons, on machines today.  I love the enthusiasm of the pre or teenagers.  I love the delight at creating something from a few scraps.  I love the discovery of getting the feel for the foot pedal.  I don't mind at all doing it for free when it's the Banker who wants the lessons and he wants his mother to be the one to teach him.  *joy*



It's LADIES WHO LUNCH day!  I cooked and am waiting for the Ladies to arrive.  I made thai peanut noodle salad with shredded carrot, cabbage, sugar snaps and red peppers, roasted sliced chicken (I roasted it yesterday)  homemade ciabatta (I caved in last minute), micro greens with lemon vinaigrette, wine (loads of it) cheesecake stuffed strawberries and lemon curd and cream mini tarts.  I made roast tomato salsa this am and have cheese and nuts and pita for snackies.  I made hotdogs for the children with bags of chips and bowls of popcorn for them to be elsewhere while the Ladies catch up.

I love Ladies Who Lunch Day.  I miss those who can't come every time but love the time with the girls.

OOH, there's a doorbell!


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