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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Summer Schedule day 3

Well, it started out great.  Math day in the summer.  Banker worked through his chapter, had a couple of moments where none of it really made sense but we worked our way through and all was completed.  I think he got it ultimately as well which is a joy.  

We had the girls in their run a few times today and they and Lola got along just fine, it was a joy to see both chickens and dogs not really caring about the other's existence.  Sweet. 

On the down side, I discovered some duplication in his Grammar work.  We use Grammar101 and it turns out kiddo did a number of the exercises three or four times.  I am going to assume it wasn't intentional, it wasn't exactly difficult work.  We had a solid conversation about how to ensure work isn't being repeated and I am relatively confident we won't have a repeat of the repeats. 

On the really really down side, we descended into online "just a minute", which is one of the few things to climb directly up my nose and into my brain where it explodes into a zillion pieces.  I will not be told, "just a minute", particularly when it involves, on any level, that stupid Xbox.  I finally marched upstairs and simply unplugged it, and him, from the universe.  I'll have to sit and think about how long to deny him screens of any kind.  Maybe a couple of days of complete screen free time will reinforce the fact that "just a minute" is never the correct reply to me, ever.

I see loads of vacuuming, dishes, laundry and dusting in the Banker's future.  I really want to march upstairs and demand he read for hours on end but I won't use reading as a punishment so I'll just let him pout.  I'll include "finish book" in tomorrows list of "since you're not allowed to look at a screen you'll have to do something ELSE" instructions.

I hate bad choices, it's messing with my groove.


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