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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Day Ninety Three

We survived the day, barely.  It started badly, got worse then got better. 

Banker worked hard, I made cookies and ate them.  He and I sat and went over some math he was getting annoyed by then he started and finished a chapter in MathUSee and was only 1/2 pt away from perfect on his chapter test.  Sweet.

I'm still tired and frantic today.  We are doing science today.  I have a cool unit for his new microscope today.  We got slides and droppers, it's going to be fun.  I think he'll like it. 

We have friends coming in this afternoon to hang out so school will have to be long done by then.  I'm looking forward to the diversion.  The Banker has some work to do to continue the bedroom move, geesh he has a lot of stuff.  Slow and steady wins the race here, though.  I don't want us moving armfuls of junk, one piece at a time will be a fabulous exercise for both of us. 

Guest Pug will be here today for a two week stint, I really like him.  The dogs like him.  Banker likes him.  It's always great to have him here and I can't wait to see how he likes the girls!  They are growing by the day now and when I look out to the coop, it's chickens I see not my little babies.  They are oozing with personality still and think they will continue to do so.  We play with them every day and that'll continue.  The coop is too small for me to go in comfortably and there's no way I can rake/clean out underneath it.  I'll never know what was wrong with a small shed for them to sleep in and a bigger run for them all day.  I don't know why they need a basement.  I can never ask of course.  I think it may quickly be too small for the girls, they already have to duck to get through the hole in the floor to go up and then make a leap into the air to make to the landing..  I have to figure out a run system for them to be able to leave their dark, damp area every day, I want happy birds and this isn't happy, all the rain hasn't helped of course.  

Then some creature tried to get into the coop last night, a section of the wrinkly fencing that doesn't lay flat on the sides is ripped up, probably the same thing that is leaving me poop on my dresser out there every morning.  Happily "it" didn't get into where the girls sleep but still...  no good.  

So that just adds to yet another day that I feel like a failure, hopefully it'll pass soon, it's exhausting.


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