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Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Schedule Week 5

It was a crazy week and then a crazy weekend.  I haven't exactly figured out how we got so perpetually occupied.  I think I like it but honestly, the jury is still out. 

The girls are getting bigger by the day, they are a joy, a delight and on the weekend, NeighborL introduced me to NeighborD after all these years of living around the corner from each other.  It's nice to have more people to play with ;).  NeighborD has a 13 yr old grandson who comes to hang out periodically so we are going to introduce him to Banker, maybe have them come over for a swim and chicken stare.  It'll be nice for Banker to meet more kids his age.  He only knows one in the neighborhood. 

I've also been thinking seriously about looking into the new science high school here in my neighborhood.  It's for the cream of the crop kids and it might be something to investigate for 10th or later grade?  Banker and I discussed it and we will go check it out next year sometime as a field trip.  It's supposed to be a lottery, the admissions, but we all know the smart kids get put where they need to be so if I wanted in, I really don't see any reason he wouldn't be in.  His old Middle School's Principal sent her teachers to this school to learn and experience what she hopes her school can one day be, that's reasonably high praise in my books.  Say what I will about the public school system, that Principal was all about improving her if she thinks this place near me is the bomb then I think it's worth a look down the road.

Considering I have felt too far away for anyone to come play with us, we have been with constant home company which is proving to be one of the best summers we've ever had.  Who'd have thought stay-cations could be so lovely. 

This week we have gatherings happening here 4 of the 5 days.  I wanted Math to happen but I truly don't see it working out until Thursday ?!  Banker is like me, we function best in the morning.  I agree that there's no way we can start anything even close to math related at 2-3pm, gadzooks. 

I think I'll have him start on his Tom Sawyer read.  He moaned at me that I asked him to read it on his iPad. Really?  THAT is what you're going to moan about?  Oh darn, don't make me read on the latest piece of technology, mom!  *sigh*  13 is not a pretty age sometimes.  First world problems really drive me quite mad.  I should go and buy an old tattered version of the book and have him sit and read that instead of the electronic version.  I'm just being tight, he has a Nook e-reader but I already have the book on the iPad for free and am so disenchanted with Banker's eye rolling lately that I don't even want to spend the $2.99 to get the book for the reader.  Bad mother or just tired?  I think tired...of it.  I will concede the point that I have it easier than mothers of teenage girls or multiples at the moment but it doesn't make it any less frustrating, though fleeting drama pants moments, they are still exhausting.

I'm trying to be crafty and get my Etsy store organized with the recycled tshirt stuff.  My store is called Tracys Altered Reality, if you search that I actually come up, it's pretty cool.  I only have one listing, the pixie coats I was making but the rest should be up this week, the t-shag rugs and pillows and other things that used to be other things ;).  I need about 3 uninterrupted days to work on this stuff, hopefully today will see a large piece of work done.  FriendC is coming to help me cut tshirts and Banker will be occupied with FriendA and siblings and cousin.  They ought to have fun, hopefully they'll swim and watch chickens and keep out of my hair.

The week looks like this: 

Monday; FriendC and gang - tshirts and working on prototype creation and completion for Etsy store. 

Tuesday:  FriendR and son - it's mother/son/mother/son/chicken day.  Visiting, floating, cocktailing and nibbling. 

Wednesday:  Rubberglove at the GW day.  With offspring, they can dig for tshirts and treasures with FriendE and I.  We will toss them food at a very cool local Mexican dive as payment.

Thursday:  NOTHING! (as of 9am Monday) 

Friday:  FriendS with R and hubba.  Mozzarella making day!  I haven't made mozzarella before and am really looking forward to it.  I have 2 methods we are going to try since were into it anyway.  I'll make copious amounts of homemade italian bread to use as a transportation device.  To get cheese to mouth.  I anticipate a lovely day of cocktails, cooking, visiting, floating and chicken watching. Husband is trying to get out of work early to come play. 

So, ready or not week, here we go!


Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer Schedule Week 4

WOW what a great weekend.  Friends came, we played, we worked.  I sewed on the weekend and today, husband worked around the garden!  He dug up the only plants I like at the house but whatever.  If he wants to kill off the pampas grass instead of fixing all the millions of broken things around here, truly, I could give a care less, it's better than laying on a recliner. I liked that he was active in his own life this weekend.  I need to keep that momentum going for him.

The Banker and I had a rough start today, stress and drama and annoyance and regular mother and teenage son stuff.  The day did turn around. Luckily.

I  ultimately got some sewing done and Banker came in and joined me in the studio and we chatted about stuff and life and fabric and it was good time.  We cleaned, tidied, then I cooked us a killer meal, then he swam, I watched and cheered.  Husband came home and was gentle in his distance, I needed the calm.

Math day today. Banker worked through a new chapter in pre-Algebra and didn't struggle.  Yay.  It was an "easy part" for him which I think he needed to get some confidence in himself back, academically.  He's just finished chapter 15 so he's half way through.  I don't know if we'll be done by the time I want to start 8th grade Algebra but he'll be close.  Excellent.

The Banker worked hard and straight.  I left him to it and went to do groceries, in a snit, and I returned to a tidied kitchen, laundry in, dishwasher running and him working hard.  Excellent plan, Banker.  I think he enjoys the challenge and brain work of continuing to work through the summer.  He didn't balk when I greeted him straight out of bed with, "MATH!".

We are having a party day here tomorrow.  A couple of my friends are coming by with their kids and the children will swim and giggle and play.  The mothers will drink wine and make bread I think.

I'm looking forward to a far less stress and angst and bad choices filled day tomorrow.



Playday!  No work, no school, nothing but playday.  FriendS and FriendM and they're bringing FriendP too!  There will be too many children and they'll play and swim and hang with chickens.  WHO, by the way are getting ENORMOUS, the chickens not the children.  The girls (chickens) are getting that scraggy neck thing, cool.  I love those crazy birds.

I made bread to snack on and anticipate making more bread when they get here.  I have wine and snacks, a pool, dogs, a hamster, a wii, an xbox and 6 chickens, there shoudn't be a bored child (or mother!)

Banker was less hissy today and has been basically helpful getting organized for friends to come.  Luckily, these are low to no maintenance friends so I'm not fretting about doing a hospital clean :)  I love low to no maintenance friends.

I reviewed Banker's math from yesterday and he nailed it.  I will have him take the test Thursday which is our next nothing day, I try to save one per week.  Free days not test days!

I'm off to cocktail and play with friends...spectacular. Banker is going to be the rock star to a 9 yr old and 2 7 year olds... they think he's cool and he giggles easily with them...also spectacular.


Saturday, June 9, 2012

Summer Schedule Weekend 3

It's Williams Bell day.  One of my favorite holidays of the year.

I was moaning to a friend about having to spend holidays with, or without, family.  We decided to invent our own annual holidays.  Both the families, husbands included this time, would spend a day with the other, once a year, the date booked a year in advance.  The first/second weekend of June was the initial date picked because Banker was in school so we waited until he'd finished his year.  Now we are free, we still keep Williams Bell day in June.  It breaks up the year and starts the summer party season with a bang!

This year it's here! YAY!  We had a lovely time last year on WB day at their house, fun, giggling, great food, great wine, great friends.  This year it's here and I just yanked a brisket out of the oven, 22 hours at 250, yeah, it's not traditional  but hell it's good.  It's resting and I keep sampling, in the name of science of course, to be sure it's not poison.  I'm good to my friends.

Husband will have someone to play with, Banker will have someone to play with (his best buddy, FriendH) *I* will have someone to play with.  It's all good.  A million toys, locations to play, a pool, chickens, loads of food, it's all very very good.

MsZan is bringing me copious amounts of home school information, literature, insight and paper.  I am delighted and cannot wait for the day.

I was up at 4, happily!  so the day could stay already.  Williams Bell day is sort of one of my favorite holidays.

Ok, I have cole slaw to make, bread to make and general flitting about to do in sweet anticipation.


Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer Schedule Week 3

What a weekend, wow.  A busy time, loads of fun and loads of running around.  Loads of new people, lovely visiting and special moments.  I giggled and I was surprised by a kindness.  I liked it. 

Banker slept over with a friend Sunday night and husband I spent quality time watching Game of Thrones.  He ate, I watched.  He ran out to get himself a Freebirds burrito, I'm not a Freebirds fan so I didn't eat.  Random but it worked I guess.  

I have had 2 hours all by myself this morning.  I haven't had time alone since February it seems.  I need more time alone. I was about drooling waiting for husband to get out the door by 9:15am.  I swear he leaves later every day, what happened to the 7:45 am depart time?  We used to pass on the highway when I was on my way back from dropping Banker.  I drives me insane and I can't start anything until he leaves.  I guess he prefers to start late and not be home for dinner...for 4 years.  I'm not going there today. 

I've enjoyed my solo time and used it wisely making bread.  I like the feel of it, the process of it and I'm starting to think maybe I should give lessons...the kind where people pay me.  I'll have to think more about that. 

I am going to stop for groceries on the way to get Banker then stop to get FriendA to come hang out and swim with him.  He'll be over tired and hopefully not too grumpy, she'll put him in line if he is ;)

We are having today as a recoup day and tomorrow will be school.  He has to do a chapter test then do the next chapter and lesson review/practice after.  I think it'll take him most of the day.  He can use a good focused day.  I'm not going to let him whine his way out of it, it'll be interesting to see how the break has affected him, he'll either be delighted to be back into it or perish from the trauma of it.  Either way I fully anticipate spending time reading the trashy book everyone is talking about.  I started it, it's poorly written, but I'm hoping the entertainment value will supersede the challenging language and grammar issues.



The Banker slept till almost noon.  There's no work happening today.  I cooked, I cleaned I did a load of laundry.  I blogged and thought about ways to use the fabric I have to separate people from their money. 

I arranged a play date with people I really like and don't see nearly enough.  My friends, not my son's friend's mother's.  I'm tickled at the prospect.  Turns out the play has turned into a break making day, added bonus!  The only thing I like better than making bread is showing my friends how to do it and the only thing better than that is doing it with wine! 

The Banker, bless him, has wandered around in a daze, swam, snacked and is moving in slow motion.  If he wasn't 13 I'd swear he was hung over.  I told him he could take the day to recover.  Nothing like too much fun to do you in. 

We are going to watch the Transit of Venus online so our retinas don't get burned out.  See, I'm always thinking and taking care of us  *heheheh*.

Our party day tomorrow has been cancelled/moved which is fine, we'll work tomorrow and play later in the week.  Ahh, love a plan. 

I think it's cocktail time. 


Saturday, June 2, 2012

Summer Schedule weekend 2

Wow, what  week.  No school happened at all, not even  a read.  ooops.  I don't know if I can really complain considering I am our leader and we were too busy to work with all the playing going on.

This weekend hasn't had the hellish start most have, it gives me hope for the next two days.

I got up ridiculously early and went outside to watch the Girls.  They are enormous and happy happy happy in their new run.  They hop to get fresh leaves which cracks me up, I post them on YouTube:

In other news;

I think I'm going to get us a manual treadmill.  We have an elliptical which I can't use because it hurts my knees and hips to the point I have to lay on the floor afterwards.  Sort of defeats the endorphin high I'm looking for after a workout. I don't want to sink money into a big treadmill in case we don't use it.

I think both the Banker and I would benefit from a daily walk, it's starting to get too hot here in Austin for me to do it outside.  I think he needs the exercise too.  He is getting the 13yr old boy pudge and he's upset by it.  He doesn't eat candy or sweets or junk at all so it's all hormonal, he'll suddenly grow into his weight but in the mean time we don't need any bad body image moments for him.  I think it's worth the $129, I can always run it back if it doesn't get used in the 30 days we have to try it.

We have plans both today and tomorrow for functions.  We have husband's boss's son's graduation celebration to attend this afternoon.  I shouldn't be disappointed it won't be a "bring a bottle of wine" affair.  I'm sure we will enjoy over sweetened tea and hundreds of people we don't know.  I'll smile and nod and be my most delightful self.  Banker doesn't want to go but I think one boy he knows will be there so that'll help. I don't anticipate a very late evening.

I have a girl party to go to tomorrow, well I did up until 20 minutes ago when I saw it was cancelled.  Unfortunately I'd arranged to take Banker across town (on my way to said girl party) for a sleepover so I'll still haul him over there even though there's no cocktailling at the other end.  Actually, why do I need to wait for someone ELSE to arrange a cocktail moment.  I think I'll get on the phone and find myself a date for after boy dropoff.  Maybe a run to a store and buy myself something pretty.  I'm sick of living in oversized free tshirts, I look like a slob and feel like one too.  I don't need fancy but hell, I need something else.

Husband is in a reasonable humor, we're treading lightly but so far, so good.  Banker is killing things online and I've been in chicken mode since 7am.  I just put them back into the coop to come update my blogs and ponder the lack of any academics this week.  Oh well, we'll work next week.

Wish me weekend luck, I'm trying to have a good one for a change.