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Monday, May 21, 2012

Summer Schedule day 1

Ah, summer summer summertime! 

Day one of our summer schedule feels fine.  We did nothing school-y and instead spent the day at Ikea with FriendC and her brood then Banker and I hit JoAnn fabric and came up empty, I was looking for some fabric to make outdoor cushions for the wicker chairs in the gazebo but nothing lit my fire.  I loaded up on the usual Ikea stuff, kitchen gadgets, tea towels, a garlic press (I've never owned one!) and new bedding for our room.  Nothing says summertime like a bright green duvet cover with bubbles!  oh husband will be delighted.

Banker says he is going to do his math and English on Wednesday this week.  One chapter in the preAlgebra and some grammar, easy indeed. 

I need to "file" all the grade 7 regular year school stuff.  I have copies of each weeks schedule and some graded work, there's not too terribly much paper to deal with, luckily.  I haven't decided what to do with the notebooks, file them or just add a new heading GRADE 8 in the books, I'll have to think about how big I want my ecological footprint to be.

I feel a little lost but have solid faith we'll find our summer groove in no time at all! 


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