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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Day Ninety Eight

I feel as though we are finally back in the groove.  The Banker is sitting across from me with his gigantic banana strawberry smoothie, (I love my new Ninja! blender!) he has his schedule for the week before him, headphones on, MathUSee video program running on his laptop double screen and I'm furiously trying to get my blog/s done, bread is rising and my coffee is sitting in front of me slowly going cold.  Ahhhhh, routine! Ahhhhhhh, math day.

"Chicken" (the lover of the group)
It rained AGAIN on my girls (chickens 7 weeks old tomorrow!) last night, we threw a tarp over the 'open' area of their coop in an attempt to keep them slightly dry on that side.  The shavings I put down on the weekend really helped stopping it from turning into a mud pit.  When the rain subsides, I'll muck it out and add some dry shavings.  I'll admit it, I secretly like being a farmer :-)

I let the Banker blow off, sort of, loads of time yesterday.  He was SO enjoying the Walking with Monsters series (Netflix how I love you) and ended up watching the entire series in one sitting.  Now then, look what I said, "blow off" time, really?  I need to get over the idea that doing something unconventional isn't educational.  Geesh, c'mon me.

There's got to be information in there and he shouted knowledge tidbits at me throughout the afternoon.  You have to be absorbing information when you are so happy about being given it.  I was also very proud of myself and did not have him take notes in my home school mantra of 'it's only educational and it only counts as "school" if you take copious amounts of notes'.  See, it only took me 98 days to figure that out.  I'm slow but I'm steady and I do get it, eventually.

After the documentaries, we decided to do some more microscope work, that thing rocks.  I killed a fly in the kitchen which was immediately put onto a slide to be observed close up and personal.  It was, unfortunately still twitching and freaked the Banker out.  Me too!  Later I squished another one, substantially more forcefully, pulled off a wing and legs to check out up close.  Euwww, very hairy! and who knew they had hair on their wings?!  Anyway, I put the body underneath to check out those mandibles and, oh my god, they were still twitching.  I threw it away.  No, seriously, it would have freaked the Banker out to see a fly STILL twitching after the removal of parts.  Next time, I'll make very very sure it's very very dead.  It's Science day again on Thursday this week, there'll be loads of microscope work, it's very cool.

I've been thinking about doing some sewing but still can't wrap my head around going in there to sew when he's sitting here working online.  I keep saying it'll find it's level but really, I'd like it to be sooner rather than later.

I'm feeling a little housebound and a little friend challenged lately too.  I see FriendC loads and cyber visit with friends through Facebook and Texting briefly but really, I need some 'live' grownup girlfriend time and am sending out invitations that aren't being answered (either way) as quickly as my lonely soul would like, I'm sure it's not personal that we're all as busy as each other so I'm not getting into a funk just yet but I reserve the right to delve headlong into a thumb sucking, "Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, I'm going out to the garden to eat worms..." moment in the not too distant future.  I will organize another Ladies who Lunch soon as well, hopefully before school is out although I wouldn't mind doing a couple with a couple of the public school kids in tow, I like some of them.  I'm also in a little funk for the lack of invitations anywhere.  I think it's funny that when I throw that sentence out, I get loads of replies from friends telling me how busy I always am, I guess it's the perception sometimes, plus my mom was just here for 2 weeks and we were busy every day, maybe it's partly vacation hostess letdown as well.

I think when husband gets the pool up it'll help tempt my southside living friends up north to me to hang about.  I've started making, "wow, when the pool is up it's going to be just perfect back here" noises.  We will see if he takes the bait.

Ok, there's my moan d'jour.  I feel good about the academics today and still plan on a massive review at the end of the week about wrapping this up and getting some dates set for completion.

I'm going to go blend something...Ninja style!


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