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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Day One hundred two and one hundred three (weekend)

I tried not to hate the weekend today.  I was successful for a little while then it got weekendy and so I left.  I went to the grocery store then met the boys at Costco and we all sort of worked together but not really and sort of got stuff done.  It was an ok day afterall.

I was surprised with a new tv today, husband likes to surprise me with things.  That meant we were suddenly very tv heavy for the house. There are 3 of us in the family and we have more televisions than normal people should have.  Banker became starry eyed at the mathematics of televisions here when he realized his bedroom was the ONLY room in the house without a cable hooked up tv.  Well, besides the studio (I don't want one in there) and the bathrooms... although cool, it'd be weird.  We do all have tv ready/worthy iPads so if you add the computer monitors that we can watch tv on plus iPads and iPhones, it's into double digits and that's so very weird.

I agreed to let Banker have a tv in his room for the summer.  It's basic cable, not the box with the HBO channels so we'll see.  I asked him, please please please, don't let me down with bad tv choices.  I have limited faith.  I don't want to be disappointed.

He does have some school to finish from the week with the playdays, I still have an expectation it'll be completed this weekend and/or week.

WalterPug is enamored with the Girls and spends lots of his time watching them through the netting.  He could bust through but doesn't realize it.  *yay*  The Girls aren't the slightest bit concerned by him and he just watches.  It's lovely to watch.  Lola, is coping.

Walter and Peck
Walter watching the Girls
We built a ladder for the girls as well as a run for them by the fence.  Unfortunately there's no way to get INto the run so we have to take them one at a time and put them in then Banker or husband has to climb the pool 'A' frame ladder over the netting to go in and get them, one at a time, and hand them out so they can be put back in their coop.  Weird but the girls love love the run area so it'll work for now.

Husband is golfing tomorrow and I'm supposed to run errands at fabric stores and such but with the new 32" in my room, I may just stay in bed and watch mindless tv, eating bonbons and drinking coffee.  Oh, yes, I like that plan!


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