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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Day Eighty Eight and Eighty Nine (weekend)

Ahh, the weekend.  Oh wait, weekends are no different than any other day except there's more people around.

I was a rock star mom yesterday, the Banker got to stay home with his new electronic toys while mum, friendC and I went to lunch at the lake then wander to a coffee shop for coffee and treats.  Lovely, simply lovely.  We came back to find him in the gazebo playing with the girls, fabulous!  Way to not just stare at screens when we're gone, dear!!  That counts in the 'good choice' column.

Speaking of good choices, I finally told Banker my master plan for moving him, his computer and system up stairs to the game room.  There's a big old wooden teachers desk up there that I could comfortably add on to the side for him to have an "L" shape for both monitors and a flat spot to work.  He was delighted!  I also told him I'd had the plan for a year but that I kept moving the 'do it' date because of his bad choices online, his peaking and checking into Minecraft when he was supposed to be working.  I think he was shocked it was on the table as a consideration, we'll see if the incentive of him knowing I'm thinking about it helps with some of his decisions at all.  

I've been having a great time with my mum here.  No fuss, no muss, just playing and eating! WOW, I've never been to so many restaurants in a row, some days TWO a day!!  I would have preferred to cook but really, we can get things in local restaurants, like the deep fried, stuffed, avocado and the whole fried fish, that I just wouldn't make and she'd never get up North.

We were ridiculous last night, all sat on the porch with various electronic gadgets on our laps playing games with each other, remotely.  It was very funny.  Mum doesn't usually play with any of her toys, netbook/ipod touch etc., so we're hooking her into games, free texting plans and she is learning how to play with these silly things here so when she goes home she'll know how to use them.  We are all addicted to Draw Something on iPads, and played until 9;30 last night...  HAHA  It was very fun.  The Banker sat with her and helped, giving direction, instruction and assistance when needed.  I liked the hanging around time, it was really nice.

Although it's all been fun, I am feeling some stress and can't figure out why.  The visit is going great with my mom, Banker is fine and husband is the way he always is.  My committee isn't settled.  I don't know if it's work or school or life or what it is but it's here with me in the front of my head.  I'm having a fun fun fun time but I feel distracted.  I'm fighting it :)  I also got up at 4:45 rather than try to roll over and go to back to sleep.  It's going to feel a very long day.

The Banker, mum and I are heading to Marble Falls to a BBQ cook off today.  Texas tourism at it's finest!  Husband is going to finish the coop so the girls can move outside.  I hope he just does a straight finish so they can get out there rather than some more involved stuff that will end up keeping them in their garage box longer than they need.  I have small concerns the 'floor' space for them is much too small as well as the hole from their night box down the ramp, much too small for what they will become.  I need to remember they aren't going to be in this thing 24/7 of course, that'd just be cruel.  When he said they would have a second story, I sort of envisioned more than a crawl space.  I won't be able to get under to clean/rake it at all.  I just thought this thing would be a shed type that I could get into and out of.  I'm not allowed to comment of course and it'll end up being fine so long as I can let them out of it.  I will need to figure some system to release them to a garden space to peck about that's more open for them for a few hours a day, the coop, although beautiful, is on pure dirt (they need green/grass) and in full shade (good for cooling, bad for chicks who love, and certainly need, sunlight).  I have a triangle garden at the back of the yard then a long area that runs against the fence that meets up with our sad little no sun no water garden.  I'll fence along the rail road ties so they can walk around, get light and bugs and greenery.  I don't want them to live in drudgery, dark and dirt, that's not a happy life.  Of course they won't but it's all part of the fretting I'm doing about everything at the moment.

They are 5 weeks now and apparently sleeping through the night ??  in the dark and there's minimal chaos in their box in the am since I pulled food...  they're just sleeping.  The manager at the feed store and I had a long conversation about baby chickens and whether they need food and/or water in at night when they sleep.  I agreed with his summary that they wouldn't perish without food for 10 hours, there's be significantly less waste without them picking and kicking and pooping in food all night and that so long as they had water, nothing horrible would happen to them before I could get them out in the morning.  Well, they are sleeping and growing! WOW!  My babies are becoming little ladies and I swear they grow during the day while you watch them!  They start yelling loudly around 8 to go to bed and rush into the dog crate in the gazebo to be brought in and put to bed.  Adorable.  I think they know who I am, look for me and they certainly react to me when they see/hear me which, whether they really do or not, makes me happy.  I get them up around 7, or whenever they start to move around and call me to start the day.  

I've had my quiet coffee, my quiet 'net time and some solitude in my head this am so I'm hoping for a fabulous day with less fretting about unknown concerns.  I'm going to go relax and enjoy the day with my mum and The Banker, getting to know each other, that's the most important, joyful and most excellent part. 


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