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Monday, May 7, 2012

Day Ninety

What a crazy weekend.  We worked hard outside, all of us.  Husband let Banker use a DRILL!  I was flabbergasted and the Banker was almost vibrating with excitement, inside of course, he's too cool to actually act excited :)

We moved the girls into their coop


They are happy happy happy girls.  They come when they're called, call me when they need me and start to scream blue bloody murder exactly at 8pm every night to go to bed.  I love these girls. 

We reclaimed the Gazebo for people, removed the top screens and started to pretty it up.  I got more wicker chairs and a table for in there... it's significantly cooler in there without the screens, the wind can move through easier for some ridiculous reason.  We've spent a lot of time in there since, trying it out.  Now I just need to add the pretty elements.  Nice.  Can't wait for more parties! 


It's also going to make a killer classroom, play room, iPad movie watching room, chicken watching room, pool watching room and general I'm just sitting in the shade space.  

We took mum to a State BBQ cookoff, fantastic!  Hot and crazy busy and exactly like I hoped and she dreamed it'd be.  Not something she'd do in Canada for SURE! The Banker found a lounger, he was happy.

We did Mexican restaurants, found Mariachi bands, played, drank, visited and had an absolutely rockin weekend.  I cooked, we hung around, worked with a friend and got to experience ground shaking when the methane tanks messed up at the dump, it was like aliens landing...all day! 

We are doing school "light" today, it's all going to be review.  I need him to take stock of where we are and what we've done so far.  We are not starting until after we come back from the airport from dropping mum off tomorrow.

Mum and I are sneaking out to Pappadeux for a mom daughter good bye lunch then back and friends are popping by to have a drink and hug her good bye.

It's been a crazy two weeks, where the time has gone I do not know.  I still feel lost, with school, but it'll come back tomorrow no doubt.  Next time, we just take the time off or I plan it better.  I feel like an academic failure but know it's not the end of the world. :) 


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