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Friday, May 4, 2012

Day Eighty Seven

And now we are a teenager.

Banker had a lovely birthday, family, a good friend, loads of playing and loads of new techno toys, he was in heaven.  I made him his special birthday dinner and we relaxed until husband came home at 10:30.  We gave the Banker his present from us which resulted in a semi catatonic state, he couldn't believe it, and then there was set up and app purchasing and game playing.  We got him an iPad2 and even had it engraved for him.  He was, well, I can't even think of a word to describe how shocked he was...*joy*

When he finally went to bed, I went into say good night, well past midnight, and he burst into tears and threw his arms around me tightly.  Half squeaking out his thanks, through tears of sheer joy and being so overwhelmed; he thanks me for the best day, best gift, best life and best birthday ever.  *sniff*  Sometimes I don't want to sell him to gypsies ;) 

We are taking today off!!  He is going to load all the academic subjects, programs and apps we use for school onto his own iPad today so we can hit the ground running on Tuesday.  Yes, we're taking Monday off as well.  It will be great we can both use/refer to the iPads during school and do more work together with them.  I see school getting very very high tech around here.  

We were going to go to San Antonio today but that's been poo-pooh'd and we are going to hang out on the river in Austin, one of my favorite places called The Hula Hut.  We will get a patio table, sit and watch ducks and boats.  We will cocktail, snack and giggle.  FriendC is coming with us, way fun, and I don't know if Banker is coming as well, he might want to just stay here and clutch his iPad and stare at his second computer monitor.  Mum got him a way way cool gigantic remote control helium fish that I need to find helium for and he also got a very cool book on making your own 3d illusions, we'll get into that when mum goes back and life settles down, science class!!  

This is his new work/play set up: 

He couldn't believe his eyes when he opened his iPad.  I think we'll be seeing nothing but the top of his head for a while :)  I'm so happy he was so surprised and so excited.  Not at all the blase "oh, that old thing?" I was afraid of... delight, glee, a little happy dance and a squeal.  You know it's good when you get the squeal!

So, it's a Friday of playing, no work, I like this plan.  Oh and I'm really enjoying that he plays DrawSomething with me!!  HAHAHA  

Happy First Day of Being 13 all day long, Banker!!  xoxoxox 


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