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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Day Ninety Five and Ninety Six

We finished the day yesterday more successfully than we began.  Bonus.  The Banker and I reviewed the expectations to continue this home school experience.  We both have ends to hold up and I hope the talk hit the right cords with him, I have cautious faith.

It's the weekend.  I hate weekends.  Although lately, not much has been the source of great delight.  I just let the girls out of their sleeping area, they jumped off their perch! and they were so very excited to see me.  They jumped into my lap and ate the treaties I'd taken out for them.  I am going to find something today to dump in there so they can scratch it out over the mud, I slipped while straddling their stupid ramp and half twisted my ankle again.  I am not going to moan too heavily about it.  I am also going to find one portion of the porch to de-mud, baby steps because the entire project is too daunting. 

Banker has some academics to finish this weekend and we will finish moving his bedroom from one room to the other.  He slept between husband and I last night.  I woke to both their snoring faces ;)  Normally Banker would have gone back to his room after some TV watching with me and/or husband would have wandered to the guestroom bed but he didn't for some reason.  I'd like to formally thank the maker of the King Sized bed for last nights sleeping.  Everyone had room.

So, I'm going to de-mud a small portion of my newly decorated then destroyed back garden then play with my iPad a bit, then sweep 4,908 times to de-mud the back door every time anyone walks in and leaves their shoes on and stomps up the stairs grinding it in.  But I'm going to keep it to myself. 

No formal plans this weekend, maybe I should find a girlfriend and get out for a bit, oh wait, my sty eye is still swollen and red and itchy and driving me crazy...never mind. 

It's Mother's Day tomorrow, I just want a coffee and some quiet and maybe for them to clean off the porch.  Wow, I'm easy.  I hope husband doesn't spend money, I don't want anything really, just be nice to me for a whole day, say something pleasant or even more frightening, tell me I did something well.  That's what it'll take to make my day.  I bet husband dashes out later and buys a card for Banker to sign, he HATES that and always tells me that he just wants to be able to go and pick a card from him to me, I don't understand why husband won't take him out to do that... I might take him out later if it comes to that actually, there's nothing worse, when you're a kid, than not being able to get to a store or worse, having someone buy something for you to give.

I'm going to go stare at chickens until the day starts then try and duck and weave my way through to Monday.


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