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Thursday, May 3, 2012


The Banker turns 13 today.  Wow.  I simply can't believe it ...  

Wasn't it just yesterday I brought him home from the hospital?  Didn't he just sit up? stand up? take his first tentative steps?  Didn't he just say mama? fall asleep in my arms, run to me in a storm or snuggle under my arm when he didn't feel well?  

Didn't we just spend time sitting on the kitchen floor while I tried to teach him to suck through a straw, collapsing in giggles.  Wasn't it yesterday we read Mama Loves You, Hop on Pop or Velveteen Rabbit while I cried? Didn't I just stroke his hair while he slept the first night in his big boy bed.  

Hasn't it only been moments since his first tantrum? his first decision, first opinion and dire worried concern about the world.  Where has the time gone and who is the lovely young man emerging before me? 

Hasn't it only been an evening since a stroppy stomp upstairs, hands on hips convinced I'm stupid with the dramatic and eye roll?  Oh wait, yes it has ;)  Nevermind.

Happy Birthday to my brand new teenager, Happy Birthday Banker, oh how I love you so.  We bought him an iPad.  He went mad!  

Oh and school's out for a few days, let's play.


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