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Thursday, May 17, 2012


Wow.  What a great day yesterday we had.  We didn't do any work but I got to spend time with grown up friends while the Banker visited then entertained.  There was laughter emanating from my relatively destroyed game room for hours and hours.  I chatted and visited.  I commiserated and got some support from friends on some decisions.  I made plans for next week.  It was a grand day.  

In school related news.  

I am discontinuing Time4Learning today.  It filled a gap, gave the Banker a curriculum to leap to from jumping the public school ship.  I think it's too young for him now, it's time to move on.  I am cancelling it today.  

I am ending formal school this week.  Math and English will continue through the summer, so will reading.  He is going to have to read Tom Sawyer, Huck Finn and Uncle Tom's Cabin this summer.  Luckily, FriendA has to read them too so they can moan together.  I offered dinner and a "book club" review when they finish each book, that met with some support.  I love a plan. 

FriendE and I were brilliant yesterday.  As we sat at the table talking about Texas education and Austin schools ... we suddenly realized Texas is 24th and has a "D" grade in education for the country, so we researched who had the best and came up with Massachusetts as the solid winner.  We searched the MA education agency and schools and found fabulous links to the books, curriculum and plans for their 8th graders.  Oh hello, yes, we'll be utilizing THAT information.  The Austin 8th grade curriculum links are password protected. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  What's so secret about what you're teaching our 8th graders??  MA's 8th grade curriculum, online books and resources provides passwords and user names.  Wow, way to support the youth of America.    I will absolutely be utilizing out of state resources, the local ones are sad, archaic and apparently so secret that parents aren't to be trusted viewing them, or WORSE, letting the children see!  

I have a really good feeling about 8th grade.  I have solid plans and solid plans to get more information from friends and online.  I think it's going to be great. 

I haven't broken the news to Banker that this is his final "formal" week of 7th grade just yet but I am telling the home school mothers around me so they have a head's up.  I'm all about the village :) 

This is our remaining work day this week, we played all day yesterday and are playing all day tomorrow.  Husband is off work and I decided to embrace it.  We are all going to a 12:30 movie then FriendK and her son are coming up for a visit.  I will throw the boys upstairs and she and I will drink wine, look at chickens and relax and visit.  I'm really really looking forward to it.  Really. 

I'm going to make bread today, make smoothies, and I am actually going to sew something!  I want to make a "mug rug" and dammit, I am going to!  We used to call them mini place mats but now they have a hip cool name.  Bigger than a coaster and smaller than a place mat, I can put my coffee and a small plate or just a pile of chips on it.  It'll soak the condensation ring from the cold drinks and just look pretty under my hot ones.    Banker and his microscope can move to the other side of the room, I am taking my studio back!  After I make a couple, I am going to invite FriendA to come and make some for her mom, her house and her life.  She needs to sew more anyway.  

Ok, there's a day, there's a plan and husband went to work and Banker is still asleep.  I am going to enjoy the complete and total silence for just a few moments. 

*seriously, how DOES he do that?*  as I was about to press "Publish" the child appeared on the stairs.  Ok, so no silence today but that's ok, we have work to do.


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