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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day Seventy Seven

We managed to get it all done yesterday. Yay us.

The Banker got his work mostly done then we moved, together, into errands, laundry, a tiny tidy and a toilet clean.  We both worked, we both played, not a bad deal at all. I made a killer chicken divan for dinner.  Husband even came home a little early to eat with us, which resulted in Banker being told to be quiet too many times while we giggled while we ate then he got moaned at then husband collapsed in that stupid recliner (how can someone hate a piece of furniture? I do!) and fell dead asleep.  Banker was upset, he has an idea in his head of how every evening will be different and it never is.  I am torn between trying to try to help fix it or just move dinner way early again.  I get that you're tired and fed up when you come home from work, hell I did it for years and years, and not a nice office job with set hours.  I just never kicked my dog or blamed him for a crappy day when I came in.  I'll have to think about this one.

I asked Banker to spend some time with the girls outside, for fresh air.  They are getting so big!  He wanted to have some time online playing Minecraft with his friends.

I told him to work it out.  He did. Way to multi-task baby!

Computer on lap, chickens in the hand.  Sweet multitasking, dear. The chickens are sweet, they look hungover as they are part fluffy, part feathered with oversized feet.  They don't like to eat their feed from the ground and prefer to be hand fed.  I think I broke the chickens! :)  They all love to be held and cuddled, except Martini.  She is the largest and has taken over Punk duty from Chicken.  Chicken and Edna (Flossy) are the cuddlers of the group.  Alouette will sit with me for long periods of time and fall asleep on my arm.  I sing to her in French. Peck and Sunny are indifferent to me but love Banker and FriendA.

Today is math day, and it was going to be "move all that Lego" day but really, we LIVE here.  I want him to move it when we have the 10 children (oh kill me now) over for lunch on Thursday so it doesn't get destroyed or mess up my house too badly up there, but certainly not because his grandmother is coming to visit.  I remember when I was a kid, it was a mad dash to clean, tidy and remove all evidence of anyone living in the house before my Nana arrived.  Now, she was a hell of a gal, she'd call it like she saw it and had no, seriously, NO, filter when it came to offering her opinion of ANYthing.  I watched my mother wither many times when Nana would describe the chaos, anarchy or filth (??? hardly!) of our home or anything inside it to all and anyone who would listen.  I'm not going there and my mom has too big of a filter (directly of course :)).

Is my house pristine?  Oh heck no.  There are piles of who knows what on every flat surface.  There's Lego, books, blankets and a million pillows everywhere here.  I keep finding socks on most floors but pushed to the edge and corners of course.  There's boy stuff, man stuff and me stuff everywhere.  We live here.

I have clean toilets, clean linens and clean bedding for mum as well as all the brandy, vodka and wine she can drink. Her carpet is vacuumed, her TV works and she has hangers and empty drawers.  There are new batteries in the remotes for her TV and overhead lamp/fan. Yeah, I'm good.  I'm going to cook big and thoroughly enjoy having her here.  I'm not going to fret over a spider web or some dust.  She does have enough of a filter and lives 1,684 miles away so if she hates anything, she'll wait patiently and complain about me/it when she goes back.  I won't hear about it so we're golden.  Also, cocktailing and eating sounds better than steam cleaning then worrying if it's good enough.  HEY, maybe SHE can vacuum tomorrow??  Oh yeah, I'm a lovely daughter.

Back to school.  It's math day but if he's not completely done by the time I need some assistance or by the time we need to go, he can finish it tomorrow. Oh and for those keeping score, no, he hasn't finished his book yet.  I told him we'll reevaluate how we pick the classics when he finishes this one, I'm sticking to my guns and need to find a better literature system.  I want him to read these books but I do not want it to be painful.  I'll think of something I'm sure.

On a side note, I got up at 4am, snoring spouse and back of my head fretting were the culprits.  I've been having dreams that disturb me a bit.  They sort of go against what I think I would do given the same circumstance.  Maybe letting my alter ego have at it in the wee hours takes the edge of the drudgery for me?  Who knows.  At least there's familiarity, the same dream for months now.  In any event, I have loads of coffee, loads to do and think the excitement of the Banker seeing his Nana 'live' for the first time in 4 years will keep me going nicely.

It's 6am, is it too early to start cooking?


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