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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Day Sixty Five

Yesterday was a bit rough.  Banker was in a snit from the snit I was in the day before.  The work didn't flow as smoothly, he futzed and moaned, I futzed and moaned.  All in all, not the best.

Today is science day, yay.  It is also math chapter test, from the chapters he did Tuesday.  Should be easy, he worked the problems through, eventually *ahem*.  Thee is also a unit test for the first section which I may spring on him later today or tomorrow...  I'm such a delight.

He just reviewed his day schedule and has decided to do the tests first.  I let him do tests in the studio because there's no computers in there, he rarely fiddles with the sewing machines, embroidery machine or serger.  :)  So long as he does fine on the tests, he's going to love the rest of his science day.

He is working the environmental science textbook on the iPad and really enjoying it, it's a bit cerebral but he loves the facts and spouts them regularly.

For the rest of his science today, I am sending him off in a different direction. I found an AMAZING book/app/project/show/series for my iPad called Nova Elements. It's all about the elements (d'uh) and there's an interesting show about the elements, little projects and a VERY cool interactive section where you learn about each element, can watch a short video about them then you can try to build the different elements with protons, electrons and neutrons, based on number and weight then wait to see if they are stable...if they're not they explode.  sweet.  Every one I've done has exploded.  HAHAHA  It's TOTALLY cool.  It's with David Pogue.  I'm floored at the quality and the coolness factor, Banker is going to love it.

I think we need to shake it up every once in a while... it's science day so we stay in science but no one says we have to stay in the same science.

It's going to be great, I have science faith.


**honors level pre-algebra plus tests, 2 chapters, 100% *proud mother moment*

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