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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Day Seventy Four and Seventy Five (weekend)

Plans?  Besides pushing Banker into finishing reading his book, we are going to a "crawfish" boil on Saturday and maybe a picnic on Sunday.  Although since I blew off Friday, we may Nana-proof the house mom comes Tuesday and the least I could do is put clean linen on the bed *grin* 

I also intend on spending quality time with the 'girls' in the gazebo, in my chair, with a glass of wine, watching them peck and scratch.  It's very Zen for me.

I dread the beginning build of the coop but am trying to not fret.  Dread, dread, dread.  I feel like I brought toys to a friends house and they stole 'em; because they're sure I'm stupid.


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