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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Day Seventy Two

Well, I was right, yesterday deteriorated into stupid angst for no reason.  He got mad, I got mad.  Work got shoddy, sloppy and rushed,  I got annoyed, frustrated and fed up.

I called it at 12:30.  Sometimes, the day just needs to be done.  I wrote out the work I want him to re-do, re-watch and re-work today.  I think it's supposed to be English today, welcome to winging it.

Luckily, dear FriendA, FriendC, FriendJ and FriendG came to play.  FriendC and I sat outside with bread I'd made, good cheese, wine and giggled.  The underage friends played Lego, played Minecraft, ate popsicles and played with chickens in the gazebo.  Way to swing the day back.

FriendA stayed for dinner and ate everything on her plate.  I love that in a teenage girl!  Banker and FriendA hung upstairs, online with friends, and laughed until their sides hurt.  There are few things to fix a mood than hysterical giggling, side splitting, tear wiping, knee slapping laughter.  There was a lot of that in my house yesterday.  Stupendous!

So, today will be a re-do of the ridiculous yesterday.  The girls will get another couple of hours out in the gazebo to play and stretch their ever growing wings.

They are 3 wks and 1 day old...  wow


I need to do spend some time doing more thinking about next year's classes.  I am trying to determine if I want to do just one math, I think so, work through PreAlgebra then Algebra before we jump into any others I think.  I am going to get hold of my friend about the project based science curriculum, I have English, grammar, language arts and history.  I need to nail down the electives more directly and have them be slightly less chaotic than this years.  Maybe fewer, we'll see.  I will spend time thinking about it today. 

I am going to try to actually move one piece of furniture out of the guest room so that, at the very least, there's a path to the rest of the junk in there.  My mother comes on Tuesday, no pressure!!  AACCKK. 

Banker is still sleeping, 9:16am, I'll give him till 10 and then we start.  Husband is out tonight so it's mother/son evening, which I love, we hang out and visit wit nothing to do with school, home or work, just hanging and giggling and talking about life; there's nothing better.


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