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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Day Fifty Seven

I'm in a soft boot brace for my ankle and am on crutches.  The Banker is having way too much fun with the crutches. OH and I talked the husband into chickens.

We are heading out to do a walking tour of Lockhart and then to eat fantastic BBQ at a historic restaurant, or two.

Academic opportunity? Oh you bet!

We did have a fantastic math day yesterday.  Banker wasn't comfortable with a new concept so he reviewed and reviewed and spent a few hours researching and watching instructional videos until he got it and by Jove, he got it.  THIS is what this experience is supposed to be.  Fly through when you get it and meander through reviewing what you need to when you don't.  BRILLIANT!

He passed the 3 tests from the chapters the week before with flying colors, all good math with only one or two inverted positive/negative determinations but the calculations and the math was good.  I'm proud.

Today is social studies day and he will do some more reading later today.  Easy and fun considering how hard he worked yesterday and for so many hours.

We are off now... I'll update today's post when we return!

WHAT A GREAT day for a field trip.

We drove to Lockhart, to Kreuz's one of the best bbq joints in texas and talked about it's history while we snarfed brisket, ribs and sausages.
We walked around the City square, a true old school small town historic square.  Fabulous.  We stopped in a couple of stores, had a long chat and visit with the woman who owns an antique store downtown.  Then we drove around to check out some of the fabulous old houses.
Trying to leap up to peek over...  heheheheh

A beautiful day.  A relaxed day.  After how hard he worked yesterday, all the hours of reviewing his work, he needed a day to run around outside, eat some great barbecue and I got to spend some time just hanging out with The Banker and with friends.  All good. 

I think the things he learned today were worth the drive.  He giggled, he joked with friends, we talked about Texas historical towns then we went to Dairy Queen and ate sundaes in the middle of the day.  I am treasuring every day with this kid and this time and this education we've opted for.  I love how happy he is.

Back to the grind tomorrow.  He has school tomorrow and Friday even though it's Good Friday and the schools are out, it'll give him added incentive to get it done so he can play online or in person or on the phone or text his friends who are usually in school during the day, he'll probably be done long before they are up and moving around anyway. 

I'm going to put my wrecked foot up, crutches all day is tiring and I'm about done.  Husband is out this evening, again, so Banker and I can hang out and nibble on our leftovers for dinner.  A quiet, easy evening before we hit the books again in the am. 


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