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Monday, April 16, 2012

Day Sixty Nine

After a very busy, very fun, weekend, the day has started just fine.  The Banker and I both slept in for a bit, we both just laid in or beds thinking about the universe, me, figuratively, him, literally.  I was waiting for husband to leave for work and since he insists on going out the garage, running the very loud door up and down (which is directly under the Bankers bedroom) it ensures it wakes him up.  I can't figure if it's on purpose or not.  Either way, luckily, he came downstairs happy and doing some sweet dance moves while he got his cereal.  Cool. 

We are shaking up the week and today is Math day (instead of English).  He is starting Chapter 8 in Pre Algebra and I have him working the review chapter in Time for Learning, a review of the 'year'.  He is going to write the problems on paper and answer them, easier than me printing out 52 review sheets.  I told him that's the end for him in the math in that program.  He will continue with the English, social studies and language arts until he finishes the level 8 in them.  He is still working 7 of course.

We are going to Houston Museum tomorrow (Math day) so it'll be our social studies history day.  He will do English on Wednesday and Science on Thursday this week.  We are supposed to go to the Alamo on Friday but it may just be too much for the one week considering my mother comes next week and I really need to work here.  Oh and yes, we are out Saturday and Sunday next week.  I'll get through today and figure it out from there. 

"Chicken" she's a food percher/punk
The girls are getting crazy big.  Their feathers are really coming in on their wings and tails.  We put some wood in their box so they have a little perch, they love it.  Husband is secretly playing with them, and I wish he'd start their way too involved coop.  if I had the money I'd go grab one of those little sheds, add roosts and two boxes and bingo, coop but I don't so I can't.  I won't be allowed to be involved at all.  Wait wasn't this MY idea?  I had it all planned out, on paper, using the gazebo and a run and it was supposed to be quick, easy and FUN, it's none of those things now  I'm not going there, I'm going to smile and nod and be dismissed.

I have great faith it's going to be a great day, a great week.  I'm excited about the Titanic exhibit tomorrow.  It's gonna be a great time. 


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