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Monday, April 9, 2012

Day Sixty Two

We have no field trips planned this week, it'll be the first full week of working here since we started home schooling.  We have two huge trips planned next week so I don't mind a quiet week.  Well, it's not going to be quiet in the slightest:

I went on the Funky Austin Chicken Coup Tour on Saturday.  We came home to pick up husband and drove straight to Tractor Supply.  We got chickens. I wanted 3, we have 6.  

Welcome to:

Alouetta, Edna, Martini, Peck, Sunny and Chicken !!  

*gee I hope none of you die too soon.

There's really nothing else to add today.

*what on earth was I thinking :) 

Two days later I'm delighted to come home to a garage full of girls :)   I swear they are bigger than they were last night, I'm trying to get daily or almost daily video to keep track, we'll forget soon how small they are.


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