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Friday, April 27, 2012

Day Eighty

Home School Science just got way cooler!

The Banker got a microscope yesterday from FriendC, Ms. Zan and CD, he's a lucky kid.  He was polite, smiled sweetly, said thanks and wandered off.  This morning, he came dashing downstairs with it, we hooked up plants and a yeast smear from the bread I was making, it MOVES!  Oh we had fun!  We need to get slides and see if there's some way to hook it to the net or tv or computer, although I don't see how to do it yet.  He's excited and asked to swap today to Science day.  Sure, kiddo, have at it :)

We had a fun time yesterday with the Ladies Who Lunch, as always.  I cooked, mum cooked.  We laughed and all had a lovely time, you wouldn't have known there were so many children in the house, all perfectly behaved.  I knew they would be.

We've been cooking and playing a bit today.  I made bread and ciabatta to take to friends this afternoon.  I played with the pancake puff maker and we all snacked.  I think it makes school cooler when you're handed little plates of tidbits to sample while you work.  The Banker is going to check out the microscope some more and then he's going to watch some of the Khan Astronomy videos, he loves those.  We'll call it a day after that. I love the freedom we have during this visit!

The girls are getting crazy big, I'm going to have to remark their heads they're growing out of their markings so fast.

4 wks 2 days

We are leaving shortly to head to a couple of stores mum wants to hit then to happy hour then to happy hour somewhere else.  We worked hard so we are going to play hard!

Happy Friday!


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