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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Day Seventy One

Sweet road trip yesterday to Houston Science Museum.

The drive was long and fun.  The Titanic exhibit was haunting and informational and the Tornado movie was windy! :)  The kids all had a blast, we snarfed down McDonalds in the museum for lunch because no one wanted to give up their sweet parking spots, me included, and hey, it's a field trip, McD's is fine.

We got stuck in all sorts of ridiculous gridlock but with Banker at the helm (and Siri) we managed to make it to our friends beautiful new home and had a cocktail, a visit, a giggle then went out for a fabulous dinner at a brand new, completely empty, restaurant where the entire staff fussed over us.  Excellent.

Banker and I pulled into the driveway at 11:04, exhausted.  We'd left at 6am.  Long, wonderful day.

We were supposed to go to the Alamo as a field trip on Friday but it's too much for one week plus I forgot I double booked ?!  Besides the fact that I need to get things done here and I see we are busy both weekend days.  Dagnabit, where's the time going?!  I'd arranged for the Banker to go with FriendA to observe her co-op on Friday.  It gets him so exposure to that co-ops are all about and it gives me 3 uninterrupted hours to work on the guestroom and do some laundry and maybe vacuum.  All alone.

We both had slow starts today.  We cleaned out the chickens, they are looking pre-teen rough those girls, half feathers, half fluff.  Alouette and Chicken will both happily leap into my hand, Edna sometimes, Martini...never...scream scream scream.  Peck and Sunny are the most docile but they're the two that Banker and FriendA play with the most..."their" chickens.

I'm taking them outside to play in the gazebo later, contained seems to be the way to go with 3 wk (tomorrow) chicks.

Banker moaned about today being English day, he was flipping through his schedule and I'd put optional day order on it.  I told him he could do ANOTHER day instead if he wasn't in an English mood.  Do Science today, I said.  He looked SHOCKED.  It's funny that he still doesn't get it.  I give him a schedule for the week with a "this is your week, do one page per day" and he thinks it set in stone, he won't even ask to futz it around.    Now, he does like order and continuity and I do love messing with that.  So we flipped, he's happily learning about quasars and human evolution as it pertains to the stars and the planet. He is in a pissy mood, lovely, but I'm busy and have a million things to do, my mother is coming to visit.  Enough said.

I think it'll be a very long, slow, science day with medium opportunities for preteen angst, stroppiness (my Nana's favorite word describing me at this age) and periodic eye rolling ... oh and heavy sighing ...  his father's DNA in action there.

I'm going to be busy and I'm not going to be taunted or drawn into any confrontation because of a mood today.

Wish me luck!


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