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Friday, April 13, 2012

Day Sixty Six

Banker is still fast asleep, at 9:30am, after his jaunt to the Opera last night. He loves it and wouldn't have had the opportunity had we not jumped to home school land.  He went with friends, they dressed to the 9's and looked fantastic!  I was so proud watching him walk out the door in his dress clothes, with his favorite tie, wandering to the waiting car with his best friend in her high heels and body draping, va va va voooom when did she turn into a GIRL? dress.  Wow.

We have very loosey goosey plans for today.  He is going to take the pre-algebra unit test today, he should ace it, he aced the test yesterday.  He is going to do some more experimenting with the Nova Hunting the Elements series, some physics, some reading and any work he didn't finish earlier in the week.  The Soduko isn't done, he hates those but I like the way it makes him think so he'll do one.

He is futzing around on the reading thing, he really doesn't like being assigned books.  He tried to make deals with me last night about swapping books but I stood firm.  He has to learn to read for information sake, retain it for a bit and move on.  He's been spoiled only reading that which interests him and dropping the book the moment he either becomes a bit bored or hits a dry part.  This is what this exercise is for.  Read it already, geez.  He used to be a great reader but when he ran out of the series he was reading, he sort of came to a screaming halt and has really struggled to find a new series or even book that he loves.

I'll keep fighting the fight. I am infuriated by the fact it IS a fight!!??  He only has a week left to finish 20,000 leagues and it's a big read.  I think he'll try to skim or speed read.  I can't really catch him unless I sit and watch him and I don't want to do that.  I will, however, expect one hell of a details report and I'll share that tidbit with him so he doesn't try to give me a vague "i liked this book, it was interesting" type report, not ok anymore, kiddo, sorry for your luck. I want names, dates and details!! I will let him be more involved in the book picking process, maybe give him a list and have him read reviews?, either way he IS going to read the classics, case closed.

He has a relatively light day and we have a busy weekend so we'll do some errands before rush hour this afternoon too.

The chicks are growing like crazy, here they are at 2 weeks, 1 day.  We took them outside for a peck and scratch and they loved it.

Look at them! wow, they grew necks and legs! :) I can't believe how big they are getting daily.  They are sprouting butt feathers too which is pretty cute.  They have solid personalities which is really funny.

Chicken is the punk of the group.  Martini is a screamer (yikes, girl!) Sunny is cute and calm, Edna is sort of ugly and just sits there.  Alouette loves to sit on my finger and Peck is almost excited when the Banker comes into the room.

I think building may start on their coop this weekend.  I hope it goes smooth and easy.  I hope it goes simple.  I hope it goes low key, low tech and I hope, most of all, that the Banker is allowed to help, plan, have a say and a vision, I hope he can hammer nails and paint wood wacky colors.  I hope he can participate.  If he can't, it'll be so bad for him, he'll be crushed.  Fingers crossed for him.

It's 10, I'm going to go wake him up, it's long enough to sleep on a school day.

I think it'll be a good, easy day.


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