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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Day Seventy Nine

It's play day.  Not a field trip, better, friends and family coming here to play!  There will be eating, drinking, chicken watching, child playing, Minecraft and lots of giggling.  Some say we're blowing the day off school today... I say never!

Lessons today? 

International food, a study in Canadian and British specialties;  
101; Canadian Bacon isn't rolled ham!  We'll be experimenting with Peameal and it's delicious, loiny, brined, mealed, history.  
102; Pancakes aren't thick and doughy and stodgy!  We'll be sampling British thin pancakes with lemon and sugar.  Oh and Tate and Lyles those in the loop!!

Cocktails, how to make 'em, how to serve 'em.

Wine, White v Red, health benefits, taste benefits, Italy v Chile. Economic effect on both countries by my Ladies Who Lunch soiree's.

Chickens 101, backyard chickens, raising baby chicks, brooder boxes, outside play for chicks, chick development. How to keep chickens IN and dogs and children OUT of the gazebo!

Socialization; how 10 children can survive 1 game-room.  

Physics;  how 1 game-room can survive 10 children!

Meteorology;  Austin weather and how it has been affected by whatever joyful patterns to ensure we get the best local weather has to offer!  Could we have planned for nicer weather for a cocktail lunch?

English; how 10 children trying not to get in the way of 10 ladies mirrors the story line of Lord of The Flies or worse...Children of the Corn?! :)

Computer Science;  how to plot and plan to secretly extend your Minecraft time with friends.

PE; The General Store is a bit of a hike, exercise will happen when we toss them all out of the house to go get treats! 

This, is the stuff of memories, not sitting in some classroom having your joy and brains ooze out your ear.  A houseful of good friends, good food and family is the only way to go.

Sounds wonderfully busy to me! 


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