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Friday, April 6, 2012

Day Fifty Nine

We have had some gentle pushing, academically speaking, back and forth.  I would like it if it had anything to do with ideology, considerations, theories or challenging public convention but it's not, it's little things that, frankly, are pissing me off.  A little fire is a good thing but make it about something that matters.  Banker doesn't think he should have due dates that matter, I do, Hello I win!.

He's been futzing around not finishing his Literature book, he goes out side to read but stops, "to save for later".  Bull, my dear.  Yesterday, granted, it was a long day and I had plans to be gone early so he was trying to be sure he was completely done everything so he could play the whole time I was out, which he did.  Still, when I say something needs to be done, it does. 

I wonder if my contemporary home school people have the same due date issue.  I think it's the only consistent thing we've faced.  I get that there isn't the threat of a failing grade, or of telling his mother ?!  I wonder whether I overlap and take personal things away, restrict online play until due items are submitted?  On one hand it makes sense on the other it muddies the mother/teacher/guide line and I don't want that line muddied.  I guess to some extent it has to be just by fact I am more than one influence on him simultaneously now.  

If he got a bad or late grade in public school would I punish him somehow here at home with extra chores or work or restrict his "screen" access?  I don't know, he didn't have them.  How sad is that?

The other, being eaten by an ant moment; I noticed he wrote his name in crazy spelling on everything for the past week or so.  It bugs me for some inane reason, no rhyme or reason, your name doesn't have a K or any Z's so leave them off... oh and add back the vowels, you're not gangsta enough to pull this off.  

Ok, two things, spelling of his name, and everything actually.  He added "do Gernal" for the bring forward of his journal entry for the week.  Really? it's up my nose.  I quietly pointed out that paperwork in this kitchen is all school related and as a result I will grade it, schedule alterations and notes included.  I don't care whether it should bug me, it does. 

Now that I've sat and thought about it, I am going to muddy the waters.  You don't hand something in on time, no "screens" until said item is completed, handed in AND graded.  Don't want some shoddy piece handed in to satisfy a criteria.  It has to be done AND it has to be good, sorry Bucko. 

I'm the mom so I can be the meanie, at my whim.  He's a preteen so he'll think anything I do, think or determine is irrational and stupid anyway, added bonus.  I'm the teacher so I also have carte blanche to be persnickety (his 5th grade teacher horrified him with that tidbit) and demand the most unreasonable completion dates and answers to questions, (full sentences when when you look at the wording of the question, a single word or number is still a grammatically correct option, she bugged me, but I digress) I can, frankly, do whatever I want to do and having the mother and teacher hats on I should drive home the fact that as wonderful as the Banker is, as hard working and as dedicated...he isn't going to win. 

Spell properly and kiss your screens good bye until I have a book report in my hands...a book report that is complete, well thought out and that is representative if your skill and talent. 

It's going to be a charming moment when I share that little tidbit with him.

We are going to take a break during the day at some point to run to the store to find Easter and birthday cards for husband as well as a little birthday present for him.  Husband is the hardest person to buy for, he has everything he wants, he just goes out and buys it...I have a couple of little ideas so we'll check them out.  

I think I'll drop the 'no screens' bomb on the Banker when we get back, no sense wandering stores with a hissy preteen.   Then I anticipate a particularly quiet rest of the day.  Maybe later I'll flip around my new Netflix account and find a fabulous movie to watch on my iPad  out side in my lovely new seating area ...  ahh, that sounds nice.  Add wine to the shopping list and bingo, happy mother!


Threats by mother:  1
Happy "LOOK how hard I'm working to get that book report to you" child:  0


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