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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Day Sixty and Sixty One (weekend)

Happy Easter Weekend!

We are having an egg hunt on Sunday morning, also husband birthday, before we go to friendP's for Easter Dinner. I love being included in a holiday meal and it makes me/us feel like we have family here. Even husband's eye roll at me planning a weekend outting, ah, it feels just like family! It matters and it's a huge deal to me. Banker is really excited to go and be part of the celebration and feeling of family, husband is indifferent. Same old same old. He used to be excited about things and I wish I knew how to bring it enthusiastic response to anything would be such a small thing but the payoff would be so very high with Banker...and with me. It's exhausting to be responded to so frequently with abject apathy. It sometimes feels like giving into a good laugh and having a conversation that didn't include constant, serious, correction is a weakness or something. I miss playing with him a lot of the time. But, I digress.

Ah, weekend. Easter Weekend, husband birthday weekend. No stress at all. We are going to buy chicks (maybe today) for the Banker as a surprise for Easter. I've wanted chickens for a very long time. I don't think we are allowed to have them in my neighborhood but I don't care. The HOA is after us for so many other things I say let's go all the way! Husband says he's in a fight with them, I don't care. In for a penny, in for a pound, we're doing it. I merely smile and nod and don't really care in the slightest.

Back to the (hopefully) imminent arrival of chicks! I have all the stuff to keep them alive, I hope, in the garage. The garage is historically warmer than my house, I'm an a/c junkie, so they should do better in there, in box, with a light and we'll hope Lola doesn't eat them immediately. My plan, hahahaha, is to introduce her to the chicks and let her see them every day, as often as possible and let her (hopefully) get used to them running about and the noises they make. I may be deluding myself but I'm going to give it try. If, however, I fail miserably, I do have a home lined up for any chick that lives. I am not prepared to play the dogs in dogs out chickens in chickens out game. Everyone plays nicely or they simply cannot stay. Easy.

No school today :) or "officially" this weekend, ALTHOUGH, I did assign the next English Literature book...with a crushing (to him) 2 week deadline to read and write me something about what he read, 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea.

"BUT it's 385 pages!"
"Yes, my sweet, it is, you'd better read often and read long then hadn't you?"
"BUT I only have two weeks?"
"Yes, my sweet, here you go, on the calendar in RED!"
"BUT, I had 5 weeks to do the last book!"
"Yes, and you failed your due date miserably, obviously too long a time doesn't work for you, perhaps you need a little pressure in your life"
"Oh great, thanks mom, trying to kill me"
"Not yet, dear"

We have no field trip planned this week, he had better get it done or we'll have words and no one likes words.

So, in quick summary;
  • I hope Boyo starts his book without comment from me this weekend.
  • I seriously hope we find some chicks. 
  • I hope Lola doesn't kill them. 
  • I hope they don't die immediately. 
  • I hope husband smiles and has a free giggle. 
  • I hope Banker finishes his book report so he and I can move on and have a happy weekend. 
  •  I am VERY pleased to report Banker did finish his book report yesterday.
  • I hope I don't moan too much at him because he took advantage of my stupid foot issue and stayed online playing for hours past when I asked him to get offline, poor Banker, offline until I cool down.
  • I hope I bought enough wine for this weekend.


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