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Monday, April 23, 2012

Day Seventy Six

 WHAT a weekend!

We had a blast at the Crawfish boil, Banker dashed off with friends.  Husband and I drove around town running errands.  No, I wasn't allowed to participate in the coop plan but he bought the wood.  Then on Sunday he started building!  Banker was allowed to help and hammer nails and everything.  There wasn't any angst.  Would it be overly dramatic to thank God for that one?  Wow. 

I had the girls in the Gazebo all day Sunday and Lola learned to cope with them and their noise and their movement.  BONUS!  They don't actually like to peck from the ground and prefer to peck from my hand.  Um, can you spoil a chicken?? 


I told Banker he can do a very very short day today, we have Nana prep to do.  She arrives tomorrow and although I'm not going way out to do anything spectacular, I want to have the drink she likes, the food she likes and clean sheets.  Easy peasy! 

We will do a shorty English day then he'll help me with the basic quickie dust and standard 'get ready for your mother to come and stay' things.  We will run to the store later to buy the necessaries.  I'm really excited she's coming and even more excited Banker is home schooled so we can play and futz and there's no time restrictions or issues with doing what we want, when we want.

Did I say, Bonus?? 


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