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Monday, April 2, 2012

Day Fifty Five

Wow, we have some serious time to make up.  Oh wait, we're only as behind as we say we are and we aren't behind in the slightest. I love taking time off and not having any repercussions, like days of homework and massive student guilt.  Nope, we're merely back into it.  Yay.

We sort of blew off most of Thursday for the Ladies who Lunch party then all of Friday for the recovery of a sleepover then a movie, play day and 2 parties.  The weekend was chaos, we ended up reworking our entire back yard and buying new furniture and plants and well it took us the full two days.

I fell and twisted my foot and have been a right cripple since.  Such a small fall, although I did go completely down, has rendered me limping and holding doorways and walls to support myself.  It's the leg I broke many years ago and there are small pins in the ankle, even though I didn't hurt my ankle, it's weaker so that's why it gave way I'm sure.

I woke to Banker already at the table, in a UT Snuggie, eating donuts that husband brought home after his most of the day golf trip.  It's all things English and Grammar related today, he likes this subject and is well into it before 8.

I printed his schedule for the week and the front page is 'notes' so i got to remind him he's got to get me that book report this week as well as his first big 3 chapter pre-algebra test in the morning, study on, m'dear.

This day will be a bit off, I am going to see a girlfriend about making some curtains then a quick lunch out so Banker will be here to finish on his own.  I have great faith he will but I'm also delighted he's gotten such an early start, he'll be mostly finished by the time I leave. I'll have less guilt that way.  "Happy home school, go teach yourself something, I'm going out?!?"  Um, no.

I did alter his schedule in that I x'd out his Texas history workbook (the one he brought back from school)  assignment on Day 3, we're done.  I just put "not this week" on the schedule, we'll see how long it takes him to notice it's just going away.  We are going to Lockhart for a road trip on Wednesday so that will be our history portion this week.

We were at a party on Friday night, Banker and I, and many of the moms there were quizzing him on being home schooled, his likes and dislikes, thoughts and aspirations.  I was so very very proud of how he conducted himself and so were all the moms, I received loads of "what a great kid" whispers and I told him so, he was equally as delighted.

He announced to the crowd he was not going back to school for High School, and laid out all sort of reasons and options for alternate academics to get him into a good college.  A surprise to me considering he's not come right out and said that before, I like he's thinking ahead and thinking about making decisions.

I am very proud of this boy, every day.  And look, 55 days in and he's not broken!  *yet*


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