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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Day Twenty Three

Well, well, well.  Today is the first official due date of a long term project.  On home school day number one, I assigned a book and told Banker he was now taking an English Literature class which was one book, every 3 weeks, and one, 2 page (single spaced) book report which answered one of 12 questions supplied.  No question could be answered more than one time.  One book, one question, 2 pages.  Simple.  

Well, simple until he realized the March 1 due date was TODAY!  He looked at me and I saw him thinking about pushing it back, asking for an extension, pulling, "but you're my MOM", anything to delay it.  I smiled and supplied a preemptive, "don't ask me, sweetheart, a due date is a due date, you knew 3 weeks ago.  If you'd needed an extension, you should have asked last week".  It's due today, before bed.  Then I went and made him his favorite beaten biscuits.  He was delighted and horrified all at the same time, that's sweet. 

He hadn't thought about the paper due date when he moved the work from yesterday to today.  I did assure him he only has one day wiggle room.  No moving Wednesday work to Thursday then to Friday, we have some rules here at Casa Williams. 

He's worked it.  He asked me numerous times to preview his opening, I refused.  I want a final product.  I did promise to critique it with my red pen, He liked the idea of a solid critique better than "just a check saying I did it".  Oh, worry not, my pet, I'm all over it. 

I cooked, made a menu for the week and went to do the grocery shopping while he worked this morning.  It was cool yet odd.  I sort of went hungry but that's another story for another blog so I ended up with random items but it was great to dash out.  I've not been able to run out to the store for 7 years, mid day I mean.  I had to shop on the drive either to or from school, either with or without him in tow.  I liked the 10am store run.  Yes, I liked it a lot. 

I decided I am going to buy him the online Latin course at Cambridge.  It's the book he was working through at school and really enjoys it. It makes more sense than jumping into a different Latin course and he can just continue to work through it.  It's reasonable and he likes it.  Bonus.   New tense, I bought it, he's delighted.  We will bump Latin from once to twice a week now.  Happy Banker.

Now, he is all over me because I haven't gone through the check work folder and commented.  I get that he needs comments, he needs to be sure this is the real deal, that I care, that it matters.  I get that.  Now, I have a red pen, it'll be more official looking for him. *grin* 

I liked today, I liked the flow, the work and the plan.  I liked the attitude and the feel of the work today.  He is upstairs finished the regular day work and then he said he'll come down and work on the essay for me.  I intend on cutting him no slack whatsoever on this one.  I feel it's like the math question of last week, a test, I'm going to be brutal.  He'll love it, trust me. 

I am going to sit with my glass of wine, my red pen and all the work he's completed in a few minutes.  I'm going to check, comment and grade.  Then I'm going to cook him a killer dinner, because I cook, and it's going to be great.  The food and the work.


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