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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day Twenty Two

Our little system is getting better by the day.  I found a red pen.  Wow, I see the power now.  I am one with my red pen.  I wield my powerful red pen and see the public school child react.  Sorry, former public school child.

The system went like this today: 

Banker and I had a quick morning meeting/review of the plan for the day.  He did the required (plus extra, it IS the Banker after all) work, I checked it...with my red pen...and then he  worked some more.  He has figured out he can continue to work through something he is really enjoying, like today his foray into the Hubble Telescope site. 

"Is it ok if I spend more time on this site and maybe do some later?"  
*um, yes, kiddo*

I discovered why he was bored with one of the physics sites he's working through, he didn't realize there were links (for all the theories) to "student activities" and flicker pages illustrating the subject.  He's delighted!  He worked through more than required and didn't blow it off for Khan today which is a massive step.  I think he enjoyed it more today than he had.  Most excellent.

At the end of his school day, (12:15,pm, he started at 8) we sat (oh ya with the red pen, baby) and reviewed the schedule for today, work expectations, what he did as additional work, we reviewed the notes he took.  Wow, the kid takes killer notes.  

Today *gasp* he actually moved some of the work that was on today's list to another day so that he could spend more time on other work.  He was a little unsure when he suggested (in writing) that he'd move some of the work from today to different day's schedule.  I was delighted and then so was he.  I was so very very proud.  He strayed from the path!   Oh, Banker!  You've GOT it!!  THIS is what we DO now, we have a basic plan but we can move it around, make it fit, SING or eat or continue down a path that's interesting you.  Yeah, it felt good to see those pencil marks on tomorrow's date.

It felt like a  real turning point day.  He worked really hard today.  He sang today.  He worked on the laptop for part of his day, upstairs in the comfy chair for some of the work, at the desk upstairs for some and it's ALL complete, it's beautifully written, the paperwork is neat, the notes are extensive. 

I feel as though we both sort of  'got' it more today.  Even though I'm not entirely blaming, or giving credit to, the red pen, I noticed it's impact.  Nothing will give a former public school student a thrill like the gigantic red checkmark as a form of validation for the completion of a task.  It's sad but hey, it works. 

I'm still lost in space myself.  I still can't figure out when I run errands, shop, visit with my own kind or do laundry.  I feel obligated to sit at the table, albeit doing my own thing, while Banker works to available to answer a question or double check a link or discuss a new fact or theory he's investigating.  I will figure it out and it'll be fantastic.  

I haven't had a "I'm going to break" him moment all day. 


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