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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Day Forty Six and Forty Seven (weekend)

No school this weekend, for the Banker, there is school for me! 

Banker blew, completely blew the review pages on his new math.  He blew it like, "are you sure you're actually the one who did this?" blew it.  He knows how to do the work, easily, he explained it to be beautifully.  It was the weirdest thing.  This is easy work, maybe he got too cocky.  I told him we are going to start again on Monday, completely from scratch.  Even he was befuddled but not nearly so concerned as I think he should have been. The answer, "but I know how to do it" sort of fell flat with me.  I think it was too easy, too fast (he did it at the game room coffee table while he was in a snit with me) and I am not NOT happy. 

It sort of got me to thinking, his hurrying through to get to the next subject, that this is not the way I wanted this to go.  This whole exercise is to allow him to pay attention to a subject, to think about it, study it and understand it completely, easily and comfortably without having to switch off and move on.

I thought long and hard about this one subject per day thing.  The more I think about it, the more I like it.  I am changing up his schedule, ya ya ya.  One of the things I disliked about public school was the having to change gears 7 times a day and to never get INTO anything.  That is exactly what *I* have done.  I can't moan if I do the same thing. 

Starting Monday, the new schedule will be one core and 2 "electives" per day with review on math and science on "day 5" which is our "extra" day.  Yeah, that works, well, we'll see if it works. I like the idea he can actually get deeply into a subject and if I schedule it right, he won't be a full week between subjects, with reviews thrown in there... I just need to sit and think it through.  Tomorrow I think for that.

I'm thinking about chickens, still/again.  I started cleaning out my gazebo, measured around for chicken wire to reinforce the screening already there, looked online for a plan for a guy to turned a gazebo into a coop.  I think other than a quick financial calculation, I have all my ducks in a row.. hahahahahahahahaha  Sorry, I crack me up. 

So, there's loads going on in my head and hopefully it'll transfer to paper and to fruition in the not too distant future.



The chicken thing it dead.  Husband buried, well half buried, sprinkler heads that now soak the gazebo.  I thought the sprinklers would run close to the garden he half built last year but I was mistaken, again. I was cleaning and measuring and told him I'd found great plans to transform it and was going to use as a coop.  So he installed soaking heads.  It's going to rot the wood on the gazebo so even trying to cover it with plastic ? no. isn't going to work.  Even me, the chicken uninitiated doesn't think you can house chickens in the line of sprinkers...passive aggression or my way or the highway.  I don't know, I'm really very disappointed but forgot I'm voteless.  Banker and I both had rough direction days, everything we touched was commented negatively on, neither one of us even wants to bother going out back anyway.  Vacation happy lingered too long I guess, back to normal life.  I bought plants and a huge carpet for the back porch, to transform it into a great living/working/school space but you know, I'm returning it.  The fee isn't worth it.

I got up at 6, not having the best weekend (go figure) and have been working on Bankers new one subject/day schedule, it's the same course study he's been doing but it's really hard to make it balance.  He and I had a long conversation about it Saturday night and we both think bundling the subject matter and allowing him to move through without having to swap out gears every 30 minutes is EXACTLY what we wanted to do at the outset.  We are diving in this week so I need to get it laid out. 

I have a preliminary schedule done and will see what he thinks of it when he gets up.  We are thankfully out this afternoon with friends so it'll freshen our brains and and our souls.

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