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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Day Forty Three

There is more than math and science. 

My Pug, Walter, is grossly overweight.  Husband doesn't think Pugs should be on the ground, walk anywhere and has no willpower whatsoever against that adorable, pathetic, "I'm starving and am going to die because that woman won't feed me constantly" face.  He sneak feeds Walter even when I ask specifically that he not, I'm worried for Walter's health and husband thinks it's cute. It isn't. 

The Banker used to play soccer, play ball, run, jump, leap and play with friends at recess, lunch, PE class and on a team.  He doesn't do any of those things at the moment and is going to start to thicken out in preparation for his prepubescent growth spurt.  He's not happy with his "jiggle" although I assure him he has to get wide to grow enough skin to get taller, he doesn't buy it. I'm worried for Banker's physical stamina, he has none, and think he needs to get way more exercise. 


Welcome to CasaW School PE Class...  The Banker is walking Walter around our very very large block daily.  As they both build stamina, the walk will include a wander around the neighborhood pond then across into another neighborhood then over to FriendC's neighborhood and walking further and further every day. 

I have solid faith that both of them will shrink ever so slightly around the middle.  Sure, this beckons the question why aren't *I* involved in the new exercise regime?  *My* middle has grown to cataclysmic proportions lately with my peri-menopause belly bloat,  stress eating and over exuberant cocktailing in a sad attempt to enhance my own universe.  Well, the Banker needs time without me, the dog needs time without me, I need to be able to make a private phone call and it's almost getting too hot for me to be happy outside in Texas so I'll just stay "juicy" for a while and pull a Scarlet O'Hara and think about it tomorra'.

BRILLIANT.  I'm going to bake a pie.

FriendZ shot me a list of books she was looking into for her 8th grade son.  I wasn't going to think about 8th grade yet.  I'm still in a whirlwind of 7th grade.  Although, seriously, it feels like we've done more in the last month than his public school could have ever hoped to accomplish so I really wonder why we are still in 7th at at?!  Anyway, I caved, I checked the books, reviewed the knowledge base he has to have at the end of 8th grade in Texas and loved them.  I ordered them!  So, history, grammar and literature courses next year are set! 

BINGO!  (you gotta love a 2 bingo day!)

The Banker scored 100 on his 6 review pages, honors questions and subsequent testing of Lesson 1 of his new math program.  I had to run him through it all, he sort of expected it.  We will just do the first practice and first systematic review for each lesson from now on.  He is doing the honor level so he'll also have those to complete.  He did all the work in his head so we had the 'show your work' talk.  He confirmed he's done this type of questions for years and can do the simple =/- addition and subtraction of fractions very quickly.  I sort of knew he could already do this but I like the fact he will have a more solid review and base and much much success which leads to greater confidence for my Banker. 

The student book came with a summary sheet where you can log completion and/or grades for each lesson, review and tests.  The Banker was simply delighted when I sat with red pen and input 100 in each little box and 100% under "test results". I think he misses grades, I need to grade more things for him, a check on the corner doesn't cut it and if needs a little stroking by the addition of a number in the corner of a piece of paper then who am I to deny him. 

I still need to play with a spreadsheet for his scheduling and it's only March, even *I* can get a spreadsheet done for him by August!  :)   *I hate spreadsheets... do I really have to input the dates?  *blech*


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