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Friday, March 9, 2012

Day Thirty One

Ah, we're off today, Banker worked from when he got up yesterday, 10:34! (a completely new record for him) until almost 3:30 getting everything done so he could take today off and relax next week.  Bravo!

I ran errands in preparation for our camping trip and he didn't goof off, there was a pile of work he'd completed sitting on my chair when I came in.  Another solid Bravo!

As I said, I have a new plan for when we come back, a newly revamped schedule and compressed courses.  One per subject, he's going to love it.  As well I'm going to balance the days a bit more.  

I was shocked to find, at 8:30 ? that hubba took the day off.  There are few things that screw me up like the surprise day off.  He claims he told me.  Really, considering it's the one thing I dread lately I kind of think I'd, oh I don't know, remember.  True to form, he's gone back to bed so kiddo and I will clean the car, organize crates and pet transport.  Drive the dogs across down, drop them at guest family's house, shop for the basics on the way back, pack the kitchen things and then our own stuff.  I'm not having so much fun at the moment.  I love getting all the work done with they're at work and/or school but when ones in bed and one is staring at the TV I feel less like it's "us" doing it and more and more like it's "me" just complaining about it.  Anyway, I digress, this is about home schooling. 

I got a sweet deal on a tour of the Houston Museum of Natural Science to see the Titanic exhibit, $12.50/person instead of $53.  Yes, that'll work.  Banker and I will drive to Houston that morning, do the tour then go see a friend and stop the night I think, nice.  We are going to the Alamo in San Antonio the same week in mid April, ought to be a blast.  

Today, though, it's all packed up.  The history work book still might travel with us, the Nook for sure and I'll be futzing with schedules.  I got notification the Math-U-See program will arrive here on the 13th so FriendC is coming by to grab it off my front porch for us.  Nice it'll be ready when we get back so we can get stuck in straight away. 

Off to not yell at the men in my house for lounging around when we're trying to pack for a camping trip.  We lay around AFTER we get there people, get up already. 


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