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Monday, March 26, 2012

Day Forty Eight

Day one, again, of the new, again, schedule. I need to state that I am not indecisive, I am just trying to ensure the Banker has the best possible academic experience. I had a long conversation with the Banker about scheduling and the one subject/day system we've heard of other people using.  I will ultimately find which works best for him, really, we will figure this out.

I am relatively confident that academically, he's already far ahead of where his contemporaries will be by the end of the year.  The public schools are all gearing for the STAAR test, the moment in time they've taught the year for, no diversion, this specific test is what the teachers and students have lived and worked toward since August.  They have practice tested themselves insane. They've frightened, intimidated and worried the students out of their minds.  The tests are next week, once the tests are complete the rest of the academic year is 'make work', 'busy work' and playtime.  Teachers, administrators, they've all told me this over the years.  It's not a secret, it's the way it's done.  Way to waste my, and my son's time.

The nice thing about us already being ahead of where the public school will be in 3 months is we have the freedom to futz with how we use our time as well as Banker being able to truly delve into subjects, learn about them deeper than to pass the local test and to enjoy his life and the learning that he's doing.

I woke up way too early this morning and started to work it, one subject matter per day.  This is how it shook out:

Day 1; English and English studies
Workbook, T4L, Language Arts, Literature, Grammar, Journal
Day 2; Math and Math studies
T4L, Pre-Algebra, Sudoku, Physics
Day 3; Social Studies and History
Texas Workbook, T4L, Typing Web, Latin, Literature
Day 4;  Science
DNA Study, Environmental science, Cosmology and Astronomy.  PreAlgebra review
Day 5; Review/Testing/Field Trips
Pre-Algebra test, Literature reading, Field Trips!, report completion, make up work, special projects, homework.

The days won't necessarily work in a row of course, if we have a field trip day on Tuesday, then that's Day 5 and everything else moves around it. His version of the schedule has expectations of how much work he completes every day in each subject.

We had the 2 hour question and answer period about the change, as usual. "can i read more if I want?" what if I get really engrossed in Latin and want to just do that"," will you stop me doing a science experiment to empty the dishwasher"?  ??WHAT?  Have I ever stopped you working to do the dishwasher?  Apparently not but now we know it's been an underlying concern?  Anyway, I think I calmed the horror of change fears for the moment.

I told Banker I have an expectation of a 5 hour day.  I really will be delighted with 4 but always shoot for that little bit more of course.  He will have time to really get into the subject he's working through.  I'm looking forward to how it works out.  I kind of think we may have found a sweet spot. I'm going to love if this works out.

I hope.  The ONLY problem I see is if we take time off or a double field trip day, he'll have to simply fill in the work from that day around the other days, we'll worry about that when we get there.  I already have a mental list of what days I am happy to skip for one week, in descending order of importance, I am the bankers mother after all...but really, I'm just going to think about it tomorrow, another Scarlet O'Hara moment.

I'm stealing away my standard morning hour of darkness and silence before my time isn't my own.  I don't mind of course but I do notice.

Here we skip into yet another version of this...


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