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Friday, March 30, 2012

Day Fifty Two

The Banker and his friend stayed up playing Minecraft until way too late.  The ladies who lunch and cocktail lunch was so much fun, I giggled for hours.

We are leaving in 2 hours to go see a movie, hit a park, do a HH with friends then head to a party with another friend.  I don't see a lot of school happening today, it IS Day5 after all, field trip day, so there's little to no guilt involved with no actual traditional academics being done.

We have had a failure of the Banker to hand in a paper that was due tomorrow.  I broke my cardinal rule about no school on weekends and have advised him I expect him to finish his book and prepare the report for me before start of school Monday morning.

I'm making biscuits and eggs for the, still sleeping, boys.  My kitchen is still in abject chaos from the luncheon, not a dish has been done, not a counter cleared.  Reminders of a most lovely day.


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