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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day Fifty One

Banker is going to have to work hard and fast today.  It's Science day as well as a luncheon here and he has some friends coming, yeah, I'm not having a lot of academic faith.  Luckily we can futz around, lovely.  Again, this one subject thing seems to be a brilliant thing for us.  I couldn't wrap my head around the theory of it but wow in practice, it's working really really well for him.

Husband said he might take Friday off; at first I was worried that Banker and I wouldn't be able to do our regular schedule (remember, I can't actually sit when husband is home and kiddo acts very different when his father is in the house.  I'd love to actually video tape the change because I don't think husband believes me, sort of like how the dogs are more relaxed and chilled when it's just me and kiddo home.  When I sat and thought about it, I realized he'll sleep well past the time we finish school then leave (it's Wrath of the Titans then park then happy hour with friends day). The Banker can get a load of work done before we head out to the movies and I will be able to sit.  I didn't invite husband to come with us which makes me so very sad.  I would love to but perhaps he just needs a day off alone.  It feels as though he doesn't enjoy being out with us and friends.  I don't know why, work makes him angry and tired maybe?  In any event, it's a girl and kiddo field trip.  Husband can have a relaxing day sleeping, moving to the recliner and sleeping until Banker and I return and and go to bed.

Well, now he isn't taking the day off so I immediately invited him to take Wednesday off next week to come with us on our next road trip.

I have decided to ditch the Texas history workbook we brought home from public school.  I was having kiddo continue to work through it for a sense of continuity.  I am not going to make any grand statements about putting it aside but I think I'm just going to let it slip off to the side, unnoticed.  We are going to Lockhart, TX, next Wednesday (social studies and history day) to eat BBQ and wander the historic sights.  I bet money we get more out of that day, information and enjoyment, than from any continued work through a make work history workbook.  It just reminds us both of public school and good or bad, we just don't need it.

Banker worked for a little bit today then I asked him to blow it off to help me set up, prepare, clean and cook for the luncheon.  He's a brilliant helper and so happy to do it.  He also video taped me hulling strawberries because he thinks it's insane the way I do it, I just didn't have a knife handy one day so tried it and the rest is my culinary history.  The video is here:

Well, I'm off to cook for my appreciative friends and have a glass of wine with another human!  :)  Happy Thursday!


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