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Monday, March 19, 2012

Day Forty One

We're back from camping in the desert of New Mexico.  It was beige.  Lovely people, lovely time, usual vacation pros and cons.  These are some of the pictures Banker took while we were out there.  I think he has a good eye and once I told him that he could go close, it opened a new world to him, different from the "get as much in the shot as possible, panorama" shot to the "really look at this" shot. These are some of my favorites, I may gallery the rest.

We are completely unpacked, thankfully, and the piles in the line of laundry waiting to go into the rotation is shrinking.  Why is it every single item of our clothing is apparently dirty now?  And there wasn't a speck of food in the house, it seemed so I felt obligation to do an enormous grocery shop immediately upon our return?  Vacations are great until you come back messed up!  *grin*

I didn't have one moment to sit and redo Banker's schedule while we were away.  I thought, had hoped, we'd have one or two jammie days where we could do nothing, just us, but it didn't work out that way.  So, we're back and there's no new schedule or plan.  Banker isn't happy, he's fretting, like he does.

The new math program was delivered in our absence so my plan, today, is to review it quickly and put it into place as his math.  I am removing the Holt book the AISD uses from our schedule.  It filled a hole, we're done with it. Watch me purge.

I am going to spend time this morning doing the reworking of what we're doing.  I will stick with the Word documents as his weekly and daily schedules for the time being, I may get FriendZ to shoot me her schedule spreadsheet and just swap out classes, I'll think about that.

Banker balked at the idea of school for the first time last night.  He asked for a few more days off to relax from his vacation.  Really?  You're 12, you're always on vacation.  Um, no.  He also rolled his eyes and sighed at the "when you get up, grab your Nook and do some reading as your first class".   I assigned him Lord of the Flies and he is really making a stink about getting started.  His report due date is the 29th, next Thursday, and I don't allow late.  I don't know what the new reading problem is, truthfully I don't care.  Read it.  Pick your own books after this one, kiddo, I truly don't care.  Just read already.

I think we will just plod along with everything else as it stands.  I just need to rearrange so the days are a little more balanced and plug reading officially into his day instead of having it on his 'do daily' list which is often moved around into non existence along with his trumpet practice.

I'm glad to be back into it, we'll see how smoothly Banker transitions back into school land after this break.


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