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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Day Fifty

Ah, a snoring husband is a double edged sword.  Sure I'm up at 5am but I get a couple of silent, me, hours so I'm not in a snit about it at all. 

Banker is snoring with Walter stretched out across the middle of his bed.  It's shocking how much room a Pug on a bed can actually use up.

School yesterday was another great success, nothing like 5 hours of math to fry your brain.  Bankers brain and my brain.  Although the day has felt as though it's moved slower, all math, all day, I think he's completed more work than for a week as well as I think it's sinking in deeper.  

We sat and reviewed the lesson practice, systematic practice and honors work for 3 chapters in pre-Algebra when he'd completed it all.  He also did 4 full chapters on his Time For Learning and scored 100 on all those quizzes. I think that's pretty fantastic for amount of work.  He got 1 wrong on a couple of the worksheets, not bad at all.  He went from 12/20 to 100% on one of the lessons he'd blown the other day, that's a rather impressive increase if you ask me.  He says he 'gets it' now.  Oh that's MOST excellent.

He worked until well past 2, the longest day yet, BUT he didn't start until after 9, took a walking around the neighborhood break, a lay on the hammock break, 2 food breaks and emptied the dishwasher for me while he waited for popcorn break.  I don't weep too hard for his "crazy long day" just yet.  He also sang and sang and sang.  He's joyful and we giggle, freely, often.

I think the one subject thing worked fine for math.  The next one day subject is social studies and Texas history, it'll be a breeze day for him.  He will be tested on the math he did on Thursday, I don't want him to have too many days between math so it's the only subject that gets an additional 'hit' through the week. 

We have had yet another day of singing, humming, skipping and dancing to get a new pen or to go on the hammock, happiness is worth all of this.  I think he's learning too.  Learning a lot.

He didn't finish everything on the schedule, namely the second part of his physics and the Sudoku puzzle that gives him such fits.  He is moving them to today, social studies and Texas history day.  It'll be an easy day for him, not too stressful and I think he'll finish much earlier today which is good because he's going to help me get ready (sweep/set table) for the Ladies who Lunch with Cocktails tomorrow.  

Today for me? Oh it's bread day, I'm making soup and sandwiches for the lunch tomorrow, I have the gazpacho made and 4 sandwich fillings but there still needs to be bread and I'm making 3 kinds today.

He is very, VERY, happy and this is all very VERY good.


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