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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day Seven

It's Our First Field Trip Day! 

Before I get into it, a quick review of yesterday.  It was brilliant.  Happy child worked hard then played online with various friends.  There was more happiness, giggling and delight in what he was doing which continued till he went to bed. 

I had less breaking him angst yesterday and will have even less today because I feel good, we're going to hang out at a museum where he will get more information and knowledge in one wander than in weeks of sitting in a room with 34 12 yr olds doing *gasp* worksheets.

So, it's outting day!  Since they were studying Texas History in public school, it seems reasonable I continue that thought. 

The Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum seems to hit the nail on the head perfectly. 

We have 9:30am Imax movie tickets then we're going to meet friends and wander the museum.  Yes, I am giving him a note pad and I expect notes, facts he didn't know... I want to see if this is worth the $$ I'm about to drop.  

Although speaking of money, the cost for the movie for the two of us plus admission to the museum is less than one tank of gas.  Remember, I filled up my car every 3 days for 8 years.  Wow, that's some horrifying math.

I'll admit setting the alarm to go off at 7am this morning was weird, we've been in the car, on the road by 7am for 8 years.  For 8 years we've already had our coffee, breakfast, we've already been dressed with teeth and faces cleaned by 7am.  For all these years we've been scrubbed, lunch made, homework checked, plans for the day discussed, email checked by the time we walk out the door at 7am. I'll admit, I smiled as I reset the alarmclock that's been set on "scream like a banchee at me at 5:30am" to "I bet I bet you" 7:00 am.  I like it.

I did beat alarm, by 90 minutes, sweet.  Time for a quiet coffee, to check my emails, facebook and add to the blogs. 

It's also Valentines Day.  I don't DO Valentines Day, a small box of chocolates and a card and we'll be done.  I did it up big when Connor was little and did the requisite school parties and 35 cards for all the little kids but we're past it.  I think it's a mean "holiday" and whether in a relationship or not, the public pressure is never worth it.  

A little less breaking fear going on today as well.  I different, so, not so freaked out, not so stressed out and less like my committee has to hold me together quite so tightly.  Scared of breaking him or not, this might just be working.  Maybe.

FABULOUS field trip day.  Good fun.  Good information.  Good friends.  SHOCKINGLY annoying "regular" school field trip there too.  **shudder**  

Best moment of the day: "mom, can I please do extra video Latin lessons when we get home?"

A glass of wine in my hands by 2pm with a giant box of chocolates and goulash on the stove for dinner.  It's all good.  Very good.

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