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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day Fifteen

I like the groove the Banker and I are in.  We seem to have to settled into our schedule, our planning and our workload.  We seem to dance nicely.

There are a list of things I have learned in the first two weeks, things I like and that I don't.  I intend on having the Banker do a similar list for me.

Like: I can now take a shower without taking the phone into the bathroom with me!
Dislike: I cannot function if anyone else is in the house with us.
Like: The Banker can take killer notes that are easily reviewable and I can use them too,
Dislike: I feel like a science instruction failure.
Like:  I can get into things that require long term focus, like sewing and writing.
Dislike: I can't figure a way to get into things that need long term focus.
Like:  Spending time with Connor.
Dislike: I feel a little frantic at never having 'me' time.
Like: Avoiding 100 miles a day across town, through massive construction and rush hour gridlock.
Dislike:  Unoccupied mental health car time, sort of, some of it. 

It's an interesting curve. 

I did learn the Banker is doing some of his work backwards.  He did it like this when he was in the second grade, I remember.  He's going straight to answer to the question before reading the work, looking for 'cue' words that will direct him to the right answer and grabbing a passage.  He had no idea what the piece (Texas History workbook) was about yet all his answers were spot on.  We had a conversation about how the answer isn't the thing, it's the journey to get there, that's where the information lies.  I think it may be residual public school system...just get the right answer.  So, sure, he's getting the right answer but he's missing the trip there.  Hopefully I made sense and it's rectified.

Husband randomly took the day off, I wish we'd have known, although I had a load to do here in addition to school today so we probably couldn't have changed our day.  I noticed a serious change in the Banker, wow he's so very very different when it's not just he and I here.  He was screwing around, being moody and challenging, flippant and frankly, annoying.  It's the first time I've had to stay on him constantly to work and then he argued with me about using a calculator when he knew we were being watched.  All in all it wasn't a great academic day.  I didn't like it.  A lot of the day felt formal and stoic and stiff.

That being said, when he was first working, on his online math and astronomy and typing classes, he sang and sang.  He hummed, bopped his head, swayed to music he was making.  THAT is all good and as long as he sings, hums and smiles when he's learning; I just might not break him.


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  1. Hi Tracy, I'm enjoying reading about your homeschool adventure.

    On the problem of working backwards, what if he didn't answer the questions? What if the work was just to read? Or read and then discuss or do a creative activity on the reading? I understand the need for reading comprehension, but you are right that many kids just learn to read the questions first and find cue words in the reading excerpt, which is not reading comprehension. Another idea is to have him read it but not have the questions available...I don't know how easy that would be with whatever materials he is using.

    Good luck!