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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day Sixteen

Love the early start days! 

6am and the Banker was raring to go.  Since today is the 4th of our 4 day academic schedule, he's decided to do half of it this morning and half tomorrow morning. 

I'm having some ladies for lunch today and there will be a child or two in tow and he wanted to be done when they get here.  Yay Banker!  Way to rock the home school system.  Are you getting it? :)  See, if you take a break, the world as you know it will not end.  

I reviewed a lot of his work from the past few days.  Beautiful.  He's giving me as good as he gave his teachers, in the quality department.  Beautiful.  I've even managed to find answers to math problems he's done because I am the "smile and nod, can I cook you something honey?" math teacher.  I just don't do math.

Speaking of math; I looked for, found, and printed out, a math contest test page for him.  It's 7th grade level, how hard could it be?  Ok, here are 3 of the questions I glanced at: 

Consecutive letters of the alphabet, starting with A, are given increasing consecutive integer values.  If H+K+L+N=2005, then the average of all the consecutive integers is: 
a.491 b.498 c.503.5 d.505.5

*weep*  massive "I am going to break him" moment...  wth, I don't even know how to start to try to think about this.  I'm trying not to but it keeps sneaking into my head,

The next question: 

Of the following, which is the first time after 4:30 that the minute and hour hands of any circular alarm clock no longer form an acute angle?
a. 4:36 b.4:37 c.4:38 d.4:39

Ok, given time and a lot of paper and many glasses of wine I could probably figure that one out, well, online anyway.  

And the last one: 

Today is my birthday.  My age today, in months, is 72 times my age 5 years ago, in years.  My age today, in years is: 
a.6 b.7 c.8 d.12

I haven't presented these questions to him in fear he either can, or cannot do them.  Welcome to 7th grade math.  ouch.  Anyone who comes back with, "those are easy" gets unfriended. :)

On another note, I think preparing this weekly schedule with days broken down for him was pretty brilliant, it's working almost better every day.  He is logging what chapters he's doing so I can monitor it as well.  He has a real comfort level with the expectation and I think is truly enjoying challenge of the work at the moment.  He is a little too focused on the Weekly Folder but hey, if manila makes you confident, have at it.  I get he needs the order and it keeps me on the straight and narrow and it's easy to see what he's done so it's all good.  We will never be artsy-fartsy home school people and that's fine, this is all about him after all, not me.

He's singing again, about finding his physics notebook and working in it.  *yay*  In a snippier moment I found myself thinking, "you'd be scolded for singing in class".  Scolded?  what am I in the 1800's?  Dastardly school masters scolding my son for his joy.  Yeah, it's a good day when you can sing about physics.

I'm going to cook while he works and then we're blowing off early today.  Although, as much as I feel he's loosening up, he's really not, he simply started hours early and will probably get all the day finished but I don't dare tell him that, Banker thinks he's being a rebel. 

Today, I think he'll be fine.


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