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Friday, February 24, 2012

Day Seventeen

Well, what a day.  Yesterday I mean.  Wine and food and friends and giggling and happy children.  Oh the homeschooling part went swimmingly. 

Banker got up at 6, did the entire days worth of work and then set the table, made the dessert and entertained himself and FriendJ upstairs the entire length of the "ladies who lunch and cocktail" party I had here.

I let them play late into the evening stopping only to feed them *angel hair fettuccine and some homemade bread thank you very much.  Banker and FriendJ have laughed their heads off since they've been together.  I know they laughed before but I swear it sounds more relaxed.

He and FriendJ got up early again today, you have to love the midweek sleepover,  I assured both boys there would be no homeschooling happening today.  Play, visit, chat about your shared experience about being taken out of public school mid way through 7th grade.  Talk about how you both enjoy it, dislike it, are frustrated, challenged and delighted by it.  They are a bit actually.  

Alternatively; just shoot stuff and giggle on the Xbox, ripe in the knowledge all of your friends are sitting at a desk being spiral taught, probably rolling their eyes, and most assuredly not laughing out loud like you two are. 

Since his week is complete, I see no reason at all to allow Day5 this week to be playing with a friend, giggling, being fed mountains of mini chocolate chip pancakes and eating them as fast as you can so you can dash back upstairs to play mindless video games.  Sure, then we'll travel across town to drop FriendJ,  visit some friends then go meet other friends at the "local" watering hole for margaritas, chips and more catching up and giggling (me and he!).  This week Day5 is mental health play day, yeah, that'll work.

Oh but I forgot, we're homeschooler antisocial now so hopefully no one will notice. O.o ! 

I'd wax poetically some more today but I already made his schedule for next week and into the following one, we are going to check out the math club exhibition tomorrow to get feel for what it is in case he'd like to join the next session, but more importantly, I have pancakes to make for happy, laughing boys.


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  1. You're doing good Tracy! Keep up the good work and BREATHE. : )