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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Day Four (weekend)


What a week.  Intense, just what a crazy shift in our universes.  The days felt 4 times as long, we both felt it.  Suddenly removing travelling, for me, and other children interrupting a lesson, for him, we were more productive than either of us thought we'd be. 

Banker said he'd like to do some work on the weekend to get ahead.  I asked, "ahead of what, you?".  We both sort of stood and stared at the weirdness of the statement.  I said he should read, of course, but that he should take a school work break.  I said I think weekends should be home time, play time.  I'm the mom and am in no hurry to lose any of that status even with the addition of new titles like teacher, guidance counsellor and managing director.  I have always been those things, of course, but this version is a more academically, professionally, directed one, of course. 

I'm confident about the curriculum, I think.
He is going to learn a lot and produce a lot, I'm sure. 
I think he'll dig some of the additional things he has time for now, like his stop motion lego movies or some of the sketchy physics things he was working on, or mind craft creations.
I reminded him that this first week, coming, is the litmus test for volume of work.  

What's the amount of work that works for you to work in any time you sit and work.

I told him not worry about finding other children.  I said we'd look after we see how the work load is.  Don't mess about too many things.  Find a good system that's fluid enough to tweek as needed and then add on clubs and kids and other activities.  He bought it. 

I'm going to be spending the next chunk of my time looking for kids for him.  I feel as thought the first time out of the shoot has to be perfect.  Whatever we find, it  So, in the next week, all I have to find is a group of relatively serious, pleasant, easy going, 12-14 yr old boys who are into physics and science and minecraft and soccer and girls.  How hard can THAT be? Yeah, I'm not worried at all.  Ok, I am.  I very am.  

I think it's the way he looks at me when he asks about groups and clubs and the ever lurking questions, ""    It's the idiot kids at school who drove the question deep into his head.  When I first talked to him seriously about home schooling his concern was having a schedule and when would he eat...he HAS friends.  Jerk idiot kids climbing into his head.

I'm not going to panic, yet.  I'm going to take the weekend off, sort of.  I'll search groups and clubs madly in a little while.  No home school on weekends is for him of course, I have to secretly search and present seamlessly, almost accidentally, for him to buy into the fact this is not going to break him.  please please please let this be sweet.

Ok, one more thing... the other this is that *I* cannot be the one to arrange said group of kids.  He'd never believe they exist out there and it'd just be me buying him friends so that can't happen. 

I am feeling really really frantic this morning for some reason, I'm sure it'll pass.  I'm going to go make him his favorite beaten biscuits with some sausage on the side, and maybe buy him a kitten.  Here's hoping the academics enthrall him enough this week to let me find what I need for him to stumble upon.  Before, you know, I break him

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