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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Day Eighteen and Nineteen (weekend)

Banker and I are going to check out a middle school math club today, it's open to the public, I told him we would probably be the only public there.  I can't imagine it'd draw a huge crowd, but then again I din't have any idea what I'm doing so I could be wrong. 

The club is doing some final contest and there'll be information for the next session so we're just going to check it out and see if it's something he might be interested in down the road.  I am sure the only deciding factor, for him, will be the chaos level.  If it's wild and unorganized and no one seems to be in charge or control, we'll be outta there.  If there's one thing the Banker can't handle it's chaos and disorganization.  It gets us out in any event, even if on a weekend day. 

I have his schedule for the next 2 weeks completed, I have the Day5 planned for both weeks as well.  This coming week are are going to Fredericksburg on Monday to visit some of our dearest friends, who are also long time homeschoolers.  We'll pack up our laptops and information and compare notes and I'll take notes and I'm really looking forward to talking about homeschool and checking out her system with new eyes.

I hope there's a calm in the house this weekend, it was a rough week.  I am going to proceed along the theory it is going to be lovely. 



We went to the MathCounts and Banker had an epic meltdown.  Husband and Banker were both in moods. all in all it was a hellish experience.  Banker said there's no way he wants to be involved with those 1,000 kids. ??  I don't know what that means?  OR what the problem is.  It was professional, organized, calm and everyone seemed very pleasant.  BUT, there was no way on earth Banker was staying even to observe or get more information, he dashed (stomped/rushed/ran/marched) out of the building, teary, and plunked himself miserably in the back of my car.  He was destined to have a miserable rest of the day slaving away at chores I made up, I was furious.  I am putting it down to the combination of husband's family directed anger, home school first experience with 'other' children fear, preteen angst, the "dreaded lurgy" (a mythical ailment of epic proportion in my family) and, um, impending zombie apocalypse.  It's been a miserable weekend.

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